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  1. Newsflash: We are in catastrophe - an unprecedented one for decades. That's why he has been sacked.
  2. I love how people are blaming the board. So ridiculous. Board makes statement that Mourinho is staying regardless. Lazy players stay lazy in further attempt to get Mourinho out (if that is what was going on anyway). Results stay as they are. Further hilarity for fans of other clubs. What makes people so sure that better results are around the corner without a massive culling of players?
  3. Take a good long look at the league table. ANY manager right now would do a better job. However, seeing Mourinho won the league last year with the same set of players, it's clear that they have downed tools/got old overnight (Ivan and Terry). They are unprofessional arseholes, but their behaviour is merely shadowing Mourinho's this season.
  4. Yep. Fair enough. But for Mourinho to be given this leeway, he needs to know exactly what is wrong at the club, how it became this way, and how to fix it so it doesn't happen again.
  5. It's true. Like it or not, purely as a manager, he did well for Chelsea. I understand his unpopularity, but he did well.
  6. Don't be a dick. How many league titles have you won without Mourinho? I'm not sure he shouls remain at Chelsea, but he deserves the respect of each and every fan.
  7. I don't see a defeat but it will be very, very tough.
  8. What exactly does Mourinho have against Spaniards anyway? I expect a win. We will not be great but hopefully we'll be very solid. I predict 2-0.
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