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  1. I apologize mate, using my phone and its screwing up. The comment wasn't meant for you. cheers
  2. but I know I'm not the only one who would rather have a goalless Torres on the pitch and the team scoring goals than what we had the last 30mins. IDC if Torres doesn't score another goal, he really opens up play for the TEAM. We play better with him on the pitch.
  3. So let me get this straight: we were doing ok, opening spaces and scoring goals. our defense was giving up cheap balls in the final third, so we take off Torres? I'm ok with that, I just don't know why a defensive back sub wasn't made. so then we bring on Ba who works hard, but doesn't open the field the same way a shitty Torres does. THEN we take off our hot hand #14 and our defensive mid who isn't doing so bad to bring on a a bag of bones and lampard? clearly Ramires wasn't having a great match. where the F*** is Ashley Cole?!?!?!?! to sum it up, Torres shouldn't of been replaced, maybe
  4. my main man! finally! here we go!!! loved the cocky zlatan-esque celebration, dope. (and as i mentioned before, this dude likes to score in blue shirts, all of his goals for chelsea were in the blue, except the CL semi-final game) Keep it up mate!
  5. goalscoring form or not, I think this season has been a clear indicator that the TEAM plays better with Torres upfront. You cannot argue against that, it is very odd to see. The team just jells more.
  6. Fun Fact: Aside from his goal against FCB, Torres has scored ALL of his goals in Chelsea's BLUE shirt... #TrueBlue? hahaha! keep it up el nino!
  7. no matter if you are a torres fan or not, you cannot help but to have a little admiration for the guy. always seems like a real person. get well soon nando!
  8. will the FA take in account the ENTIRE game. the entire lot of the pushing and shoving that went on? the pushing a shoving going on between the two, actually it made the game more interesting. there wasnt a lack of sportsmanship or respect or desire, that was real. sorry these footballers arent robots. even if you watch the game from an unbiased view, you cannot blame fernando for acting the way he did, actually i probably would of done a lot worse. so i guess im just happy he is showing a little fight. but this is chelsea, not man u, he will get more like a 4 MONTH ban because the FA will l
  9. you are just completely avoiding my argument. look at the way the TEAM plays with our different forwards. you cannot argue that the TEAM plays better with torres up front. screw the turnovers, or goal tallys (which he is leading the strikers), or assits, etc. the TEAMS performance. i would take a torres getting one touch in the penalty box if it means we can defeat teams like we did hull city. we played as a UNIT. this problem is bigger than torres (if you guys would just open your eyes). that isnt football, that is FIFA stats for you guys. so get off your xbox and WATCH THE GAME. WATCH
  10. and that is fair. so lets just take THIS YEAR. and the TEAM'S PERFORMANCE. eto'o or torres. not even a question. you cannot be blind to the fact that the team plays with more fluidity when torres is in the starting XI.
  11. what about everton? Fullham? Basel? i'll take a draw any day against man u.
  12. no no no, what people are failing to miss is the "team's performance" under the strikers. we played great against hull and bayern. and torres played a big part of those games. then he gets dropped and we drop huge points. screw the goal tally and WHO it is against. the team simply plays better under our #9. you cant even argue that.
  13. So let me get this straight. the man does his job (against a lower team, who cares) and he is slated. Yet if he didn't he would be slated as well. shit, talk about an uphill battle. That isn't right. IDC if he scores off of a mistake every weekend, a goal is a goal. And he has been in fine form. We haven't looked as good as we did against hull city and bayern. Then he gets dropped, we lose games, Torres somehow still gets blamed (idk how) and then he comes on and does his job and he is still "shit". Chelsea logic. I want a guy who has ambition and fight. Looks like mr el Nino is the only on
  14. Go home eto'o, you're drunk.
  15. why TF wasnt he in tonight?! he is our best forward with linking up with the players and matching our playing style. youre right, we should go let eto'o play our games. he is getting so weathered that he is one hard tackle away from his bones turning into dust. this isnt russia. this is english football.
  16. drop Torres and Schurrle they said. we will win they said. pretty dumb starting XI in my opinion. This is the champions league. we need guys who know how to handle the atmosphere. Listen i know im pretty gun-ho for starting torres (he fits in best with our team) but i cannot recall a recent game (other than the munich game) that torres started and we failed to pick up the W. I wonder what is going on. I love seeing him (torres) and shurrle playing out there. wouldve loved to see them two and willian, but i guess thats why im not the chelsea manager. oh well. dont even know what to say, im
  17. really now? he actually scores, looks great in link-up play and you guys still slate him?!?! WHAT?! this is madness. believe it or not he is our best striker that fits in with what chelsea have to offer. is he the best striker we could have? no. keep up the good work nando, and if you keep linking up play like you and scoring goals like this, WE ALL SHOULD HAVE NOTHING ELSE TO DO BUT GIVE THE MAN SOME CREDIT!!! go blues!!
  18. you guys spend more time talking shit about the guy than actually acknowledging that the man will be here for probably another year and hoping the best for him. whether you like him or not, i think you should WANT him to be firing in goals? no? pathetic. well i wish torres and the rest of chelsea the best of luck this year. so stoked for this team! go blues!
  19. Cole-Ivan-Cahill- azpi ----rami---ess----(or MvG) Hazard--mata--KdB --------Torres-------- Lights out.
  20. think we will see Moses and KdB, Mou said he wants a similar side to what we saw on sunday, and i must say, judging by our first half of play we can be unstoppable, we just need players CONSTANTLY playing with eachother. to get in a groove. should try to stay away from too much youth and just ease them in. these young guns are our future, we cant burn them out. want to see a fast side with Rami, Hazard, Moses, Oscar (maybe KdB) and Torres, tbh, love to see counter attacking football go at eachother. will be a fast paced game. cant wait! go blues!
  21. listen, IDGAF if he doesnt score ALL SEASON as long as we played like we did in the first half. you can tell some players just arent used to eachother (the whole squad has been together for barely a month). just wait. torres or not, this is going to be a special year, you can see it. THAT is what we should be worried about. stop wasting your time. he worked hard yesterday. so cheers nando. the flow will come. so stoked for this new look chelsea. (really want to see Lukaku and Torres together. i know torres would draw defenders off of Lukaku and vise-versa.) but to end this rant. cant we jus
  22. well some of us attend a full time university. (University of California-Berkeley) and am on an athletic scholarship for Swimming and have 2 practices a day. so no, i dont understand your argument. you can sacrifice for 4 games, i have faith. you'll be ok.
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