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  1. Agreed. From my vantage point, I think he must start Pulisic on the wing. I like Mount as a player, but he's not a winger and he showed this today. Kante returning is a must, too. The best lineup seems to feature Kante, Mount, Willian, Pulisic and Giroud. The defense, whew, though.
  2. You are aware I was telling the American dude to stuff it, right? In any event, Chelsea has grown on me as the year has gone along, so I may stick around a little longer. At least as long as it takes to figure out what my "Jacobs" is, though I have a pretty good guess.
  3. I'm an American and here just to kind of see how Pulisic is doing, but had to sign up just to tell you to stop embarrassing us.
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