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  1. Tuchel will pick a baffling 11. Somehow Werner will keep his place. This is what he does.
  2. Finishing is a pretty important skill set for a number 9... if I had a million I would be a millionaire
  3. Can think of three other players on the bench that would have buried 2 of those
  4. Ok Timo. Fuck sake. Try closing your eyes and you will do better
  5. Because one of Tuchel’s agreements with the higher ups was to shoehorn him into the squad. It’s the Sisyphus myth at this point. Too late to change system for the final, but I don’t wanna see this experiment next year. Again, just my humble opinion.
  6. Are you Werner’s agent? It’s clear he has been a disappointment. I admire your advocacy.
  7. Tuchel has built the attack around a malfunctioning Werner. We are simply not scoring enough goals. That’s his number one job. He doesn’t pick a decent pass. He doesn’t go at people and create consistently. Surely, we can do better than just running fast and running into channels.
  8. I expect him to put in sitters. Moving around a lot is way down on the job requirement list for me.
  9. Ok. I’m done. What has been happening last 2 games isn’t working. You say it’s pulisic that needs to change. I like the idea of bringing Werner in later for the hustle and speed. Tuchel has tightened up the defense since he got here. The forward third needs rethinking. I’m done with the Werner at striker experiment. The amount of goals speaks for itself. Difference of opinion. COYB
  10. I will point out that Werner is playing as a striker and one of those goals, I could have headed in. Also, pulisic is playing out of position. He has stated publicaly he prefers the left side. Again, no need to rehash what Tuchel is gonna do. He will probably bench Pulisic. I have made that clear 3x now
  11. It’s not an either or. I get it, your a Werner fan. I am not. I rate pulisic. You don’t. A few weeks ago supporters were looking to dump Werner. Now he’s back in fashion for some strange reason. How many sitters has this guy missed? How many shots has he skyed over the bar? It makes me sick to think about it.
  12. I find your logic strange for wanting to bench Pulisic for a less productive player. We are entitled to our opinions. Because you are a mod on this sight, doesnt make your opinion hold more value. You tone suggests some sort of superiority. Ignore all the stats I produced. What I said about producing in finals and big games like this is fact. What I said about his experience on the Champions league stage is also a fact. Go back to the last 10 games then. He is still our best attacking player.
  13. Jas, do you always attack peoples opinions on here? I don’t get it. I gave solid, logical reasons for my opinion. You seem to have an agenda. Not sure what it is. You’re opinion is no more valid than anyone else’s.
  14. No. You are putting words in my mouth. My reason for wanting Pulisic starting in the final is because he’s our most offensively productive player over the last 13 games. The numbers don’t lie. He also has a good track record in big games and for a 22 yr old, he has played in a lot of champions league games.
  15. Here is why I think that happened. Who was the most in form attacking player on our team after the first leg of Real Madrid game? Yes, Pulisic. Tuchel benches the lad and destroys his confidence after finally finding form after injury. Then he does it again for FA cup final and starts Ziyech who hasn’t done anything. Rememeber, he’s a 22 yr old boy. I think that messed him up mentally. Just an informed opinion.
  16. I have news for the Pulisic haters on this sounding board. It would have been 2-0 today and we wouldn’t be in the champions league final if it weren’t for that 22 yr old kid. Show a little respect.
  17. In the last 13 appearances, Christian Pulisic has had 7 G/A in all competitions. In the same time period, Timo Werner has 6, Mason Mount has 5, Kai Havertz has 4, and Ziyech has 2. Scapegoat. gets us to the champions league final. Creates only goal today and he is rubbish. Unreal
  18. I agree. I see our back as a total separate entity though. I think the front three is crying out for a real number 9 with some hold up play. Tuchel’s system would be brilliant if Werner were half the player he was at RB Leipzig, but he just ain’t. Not right now
  19. ...and I like the idea of surprising pep and destroying all his prep work
  20. I know. I made it clear that I accepted this fact. Don’t see enough goals. Simple as that. Hope I’m wrong
  21. So we are stuck with Werner as our pointy end... how did that work out today when we needed to win desperately? If you remove Werner from the equation, which I think was warranted ages ago. Then it comes down to Havertz, Giroud or Tammy. I will take the experienced World Cup winner over our young Bayer Leverkusen acquisition. He’s not exactly setting the world on fire either. We need 3 goals. I don’t see that happening repeating the same thing. I hope I’m wrong.
  22. We all agree pep is a tactical genius right? He has been thinking and preparing for some form of Werner, Mount, Ziyech or pulisic up top for weeks. Tuchel is full of surprises.. benching chill well for Alonso , switching azpi and RJ’s positions lately. Benching pulisic after first leg of Real Madrid game. You never know... if he did it and we won, everyone would say it was a stroke of genius.. he won’t do it. I just wonder why he hasn’t tried him up top. Like I said, I am not ashamed to say that I think Werner just brings speed and work rate right now. If we want speed and work rate out of a s
  23. It might just be the unpredictable Tuchel maneuver. If you hold up the ball well you don’t have to be fast. We need goals.
  24. Look, I said it would never happen and was wondering out loud why he hasn’t tried this.. Giroud holds up the ball. Werner doesn’t. It’s a different system obviously. I old enough to remember before Tuchel came in. He was scoring some big goals... and yes, it’s not gonna happen. Not in a million years. I’m just not a Werner fan. Then it comes down to having Havertz or Giroud or Tammy up there.
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