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  1. What a trash result, fucking done with football until the summer.
  2. Look at that bunch of retards celebrating instead of fighting hard for the 3rd.
  3. Get Pochettino before it's to late, pay the dude 10 millions or whatever is takes and let him start training this team, right now we have no coach, zero, zilch. Fuck Lampard.
  4. I'm so fucking angry I might break the tv, fucking tired of this fucking shit every single fucking week.
  5. Sack this idiotic coach already, go in the Championship where you belong and leave us alone.
  6. Fuck you Lampard you utterly shit sack of a manager, go fuck yourself.
  7. Classic stuff, fuck off. Can't watch this trash anymore, always the same garbage.
  8. This is why you start Alonso you fucking Lampard.
  9. If we don't score first in the first half we won't win, you guys can quote me on this, learned the drill with this shit team.
  10. Lampard probably reading the forum and seeing many fans demanding Tomori to start.
  11. Pochettino is 10 times the coach Lampard is, it doesn't matter if he is a serial loser, we have no shape with Lampard, we play shit on a stick.
  12. If we fuck up again here, Lampard should be immediately sacked.
  13. 3 points from 3rd place. I'm so scared we will mess up again.
  14. Lampard is delusional, imagine picking Christensen over Tomori.
  15. Incredible transfer if it happens and for that price an absolute steal.
  16. I miss Conte, what a coach he was.
  17. Give him 12 millions a year and make him an absolute starter, we've gone past the point where we can be picky.
  18. Nicco


    Whoring himself like a cheap slut, I dislike this afro so much.
  19. Couldn't give a fuck about Bayern today, this is the match I will be nervous.
  20. Half of the team look like people you pick up on the street to form a team and play in the schoolyard.
  21. Thank fuck I didn't bet that both teams score, we're a travesty.
  22. Get him in already, Lampard is beyond clueless
  23. Tempted to bet in this one that both teams score but you never know with us missing from every position.
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