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  1. Chelsea nere e offer 60 mln for Sandro...trust me...Juventus sell for an similar offer
  2. Spinazzola Monday will sign to Juventus...focus Sandro situation...the Players probably are linke
  3. Spinazzola Monday will sign to Juventus...focus Sandro situation...the Players probably are linked
  4. This is Morata Guys...I said this... Is an important offensive Jolly, a good young player, but is not ready...Diego Costa is very more powerfull...
  5. I said this Yesterday and I repeat: If Spinazzola will come to Juventus, Sandro leaves
  6. Trenta presenze con la maglia dell'Atalanta, con cui ha conquistato la qualificazione all'Europa League. Ora il futuro per Leonardo Spinazzola può cambiare: il giocatore, di proprietà della Juventus, è a Bergamo in prestito biennale, che si dovrebbe concludere a giugno 2018. Ma il club bianconero vuole fare di tutto per riportarlo a Torino con un anno di anticipo. I nerazzurri non mollano, vorrebbero trattenerlo fino al termine del contratto, ma sembra che qualche spiraglio si sia aperto nelle ultime ore.GianlucaDiMarzio.com stay tune
  7. Summer football is insignificant. inter is a shit..
  8. Wait... ZUNIGA?!?! Ahahahah I don't think Brother, it's a bullshit De Sciglio move to Juventus to replace Lichsteiner...and the Juventus search the deal to Cancelo.. if you Want know Sandro will be a new Chelsea Player you must focus your attention to Spinazzola of Atalanta. if Spinazzola will go to Juventus, Sandro leave. In this moment Juventus stopped all transfer because they sell Bonucci, and Maybe Can sell Dybala if Neymar sign with PSG. They are thinking how move..
  9. Schick have a heart stress.. in August he will be a Juventus Player..
  10. Juventus never refuse 70m, trust me. For all these Money Marotta in person take Sandro in London..
  11. Honestly? I don't know...his season for me was positive.. but with the new Arrive he also play less..and on the Colombian there are Gunners and Milan this week we wait the conclusion of the 3/4 transfer: Shick,Douglas Costa,Sceszny,Berndardeschi. then, in my opinion, will be a Big sell...probably Sandro at Chelsea or Bonucci to Man City. Matic? - Pjanic (Khedira-Marchisio) D.Costa- Dybala- Mandzukic (Pjaca - Bernardeschi - Keita) Higuain (Schick)
  12. Yes. Juventus Buy Douglas Costa Probably this week...but have a deal with Keita from June..he refused AC Milan and other teams beacuse he want play to Juventus...his contract with Lazio finished in 2018 but Lotito didn't want sell the player at Juventus...Marotta have a deal with the procuratore of the player...Juventus will made his offer last day in August forced Lotito to Sell or Buy the player at 0 euro in 2018.. Maybe Cuadrado can be sell in this month
  13. Ok I proof to Show him.. Morata 2014/2015 Morata 2015/2016 Look! Look the position of him on the pitch..look the movements without ball...Two seasons, two different Striker!
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