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  1. Cristiano Ronaldo has joined Juventus after 5 days of negotiations and a very top club like Real Madrid have already sent a club official to Brazil to finalise the Neymar deal. And there’s mighty Chelsea.
  2. Imagine another gif from the day after tomorrow when we you see another picture of Conte from Cobham ✌
  3. They are all milking from this saga these days but he’s very reliable. Anyway it’s not his (Pedulla) fault that Roman Abramovich and his team are shit. This deal was always an easy one unless you wanna act like a cunt and try to double-cross Antonio and ADL. Now we’re paying the price and I personally hope we overpay so those experts with our owner in charge will never ever think to repeat something similar again.
  4. “Come on team Conte, Chelsea 2018/19”
  5. We’re playing against City in 4 weeks and 2018/19 PL season will start soon enough after the match. Obviously Sarri is coming but all this just to save £2m. It’s a no surprise anymore that Chelsea is Europa League football club with an owner like this.
  6. “Aurelio De Laurentiis said he wants to speak only with the president of the 'Blues'. Some contact with other figures (Marina) has been made, but De Laurentiis decides that he only wants to deal with Abramovich, this is his condition: otherwise the situation remains the same " (Areanapoli)
  7. “When I asked him last night how much holiday he’d get post #WorldCup⁠ ⁠, #Moses had no idea when he has to report back for pre-season training and was not sure who would tell him either.” (Simon Johnson)
  8. Absolutely nothing to do with Italian clubs or their owners and everything to do with Roman Abramovich and Marina Granovskaia.
  9. I’ve even read he’s apparently coming after July 1 and that his first appearance at Cobham as our new manager could be on July 4th.
  10. Juventus would never sell if he’s that good. Their defense, CB’s, are old anyway so what’s the point in selling “the next big things”. Chelsea fanbase as desperate one will hype everyone these days.
  11. Monday is the day when Roman will say goodbye to Antonio Conte. Roman Abramovich has his private jet ready for Monday morning. Sarri is in San Benedetto (Areanapoli)
  12. Fali Ramadani and Alessandro Pellegrini are currently in London having held their third (or maybe fourth) meeting with Chelsea #Corriere dello Sport
  13. Some will say number 1 in Italy. Even bigger then Di Marzio. Honestly have no idea if he’s better but he’s very reliable. VERY!
  14. According to Repubblica from yesterday.. After today’s meeting Chelsea and Sarri’s agents have agreed on a 3 year deal worth €6m a year. Chelsea and De Laurentiis are close to agreeing a €4m fee for Sarri and both sides are happy. Tomorrow another round between Chelsea and ADL. According to Alfredo Pedulla, Chelsea are to hold a key meeting relating to their pursuit of Sarri today, and will put the finishing touches to their proposal. I bet Alfredo will tweet something after today’s meeting most likely after 10pm, 11pm.
  15. Well, everything’s clear right now. Next couple of days are most likely crucial for Chelsea and Sarri. WC is right on the corner and Napoli’s lawyer confirmed Sarri is going nowhere without paying some money first.
  16. The clause has expired and unless there is a new negotiation, the Coach is still under contract with Napoli,” Mattia Grassani, Napoli’s lawyer, confirmed on Radio Kiss Kiss Napoli. “If a club wants to sign him immediately, the €8m is no longer a reference, a contract would have to be drawn up from scratch. “On June 30 his registration [as Coach] expires and from July 1 [when Carlo Ancelotti takes over] he’ll have been formally removed but he can’t break free [from his contract] except with the permission of the club. “In practice the release clause is no longer valid, and any in
  17. “Chelsea can announce Blanc anytime but he remains Plan B”
  18. Luca Marchetti “Sarri? The problem is Conte and his contract. Once they resolve that, Chelsea will appoint new manager”
  19. Radio KISS KISS are the most reliable local station from Naples. Plus, Marina is coming back from her vacation today. I think we’re going to hear more news about Sarri and Chelsea these days.
  20. According to KISS KISS Maurizio Sarri is still Abramovic’s favorite and he would like to bring 2 players with him, Husaj and Koulibaly. Husaj has a clause and KK should be worth no less then €80m.
  21. So, we have asked from Sarri to leave Napoli, the club where he is literally the God so he can join Chelsea for “better project” and now we’re ditching him like a waisted carpet? Sorry but I cannot believe in this, still. Must be some legal thing well organized by his lawyers and Chelsea otherwise we will lose any credibility if we ever had one in the world of football, any better player ot the coach will avoid us big time and we will truly become russian billionaire toy shit plastic club.
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