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  1. To add to it, why the hell do we only play 4231? Absolutely no plan B.
  2. Said a couple games ago that if he continues to field Ivanovic then I would want him out. How he is persisting with him is mind boggling. We are not improving anytime soon. Times up Jose, you've lost it in the 3rd season again.
  3. Mourinho needs to go I think. Ivanovic and Fabregas playing again is absolutely unreal.
  4. This is my exact position. I'm a huge Mourinho fan but he is showing himself up with Ivanovic.
  5. I won't call for Mourinhos head yet but can understand why people are. If we continue to stick with Ivanovic at RB for the next 2/3 games that's when I'll be against Jose. This is his third season and we are a complete shambles all over, our attacking play has always been suspect but papered over with a tight defence, now we are absolutely struggling at both ends. Ivanovic should be finished as a starter at this club for the season, he is the biggest problem in the team, our right side gets opened up every single week. Fabregas and Hazard need dropped, I don't care about Cescs assists last yea
  6. It's outrageous it's taking a poor start to force the board to sign players. We need a CB and a CM urgently. Ivanovic at CB sounds absolutely horrendous.
  7. Tell you what if Mourinho plays Ivanovic in the next match it completely confirms he's lost the plot. He is absolutely terrible and has been for some time, Azpi surely goes to the RB slot with the new lad into freshen it up.
  8. Fabregas and Hazard absolute passengers again wake up ffs..
  9. Awful performance barring about 15 minutes in the first half. Really fear for us this season if we don't strengthen this team.
  10. Hopefully Falcao can bag a goal to get the confidence flowing.
  11. Really poor for large spells but this has been the case since around December. We are desperate for another midfielder to either assist or replace Fabregas when he's not at his best. Ramires is the typical Ramires in that he will work hard but his passing and finishing is ridiculous at times, we should have better. Hazard was invisible today and that completely kills us going forward, Mourinho can't rely on one player to keep digging us out. Remy was poor but the system looked terrible, Falcao the same. We need to strengthen, if we don't we will continue history that the champions who don't st
  12. Better tempo come on let's get back into this!!!
  13. This is woeful, Fabregas and Hazard completely lifeless. Is Ruben injured? Why isn't he on the bench?
  14. The formations all over the place, Remy is running the channels and doing nothing. Is Hazard actually on the pitch?
  15. The more I watch the more I wish we would sign another box to box midfielder.
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