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  1. I wish this thread would just END already. it has been like a dog chasing its own tail for a few days now. our good brothers- the Egyptians fans mostly- are taking this Salah thing personally as if big MOU was after Salah the whole time in hopes of destroying the miraculous talent. I've read most comments on here since Salah scored this crazy/insane/mad first goal against Juve and I can see three types of people posting on here 1- some who acknowledge Salah's talent, yet see him best fit where he is now and not in the EPL. these people aren't Salah haters. they rate the guy but see this leagu
  2. I think salah benefitted from his time at chelsea. I know he lacked playing time and wasn't given a chance to show his skills and quality but if I were JM I'd probably do the same thing. This is chelsea and not Ajax or atlethico Madrid. There isn't time to raise little kids and wait on them til they grow bigger and better. It's chelsea. And this is the epl where if you're a big team on a dog fight for a title all the time then only ready players on th field and not the ones we want to developed. World of instant results and not future investments. I love salah. I think he's a great player and
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