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  1. Yes, that is the most important thing. Tammy Abraham scores that, Olivier Giroud scores that. After 10 years this is same story like with Torres. People here were happy with him when he scored like 5 goals in 30 games. Because he is a good boy and looks good in Chelsea shirt. The fact is that sticking to players like Torres and Werner means that you have no chance in league where you need someone to score 15-25 goals to fight for the title (maybe apart from City but they have Pep and players like Mahrez, Silva, Jesus, De Bruyne, Sterling, Foden). There is a reason why Chelsea won PL with Drogb
  2. No one will pay more than 15 for RLC.
  3. People here dont really understand what "option to buy" is. You are fool if you think Bayern will pay more than 40 milion for him.
  4. New RB Leipzig signing Dani Olmo
  5. You are wrong again. We beat them in April 2014 0-2 (Gerrard slip game) and later in November 1-2 (Cahill, Costa). You started support Chelsea in 2018? Don't remember results from 4 years ago, don't remember where we played this season 2 months ago...
  6. XD, you know that Dzeko scored 3 league goals in last 16 games?
  7. Thats why England is so shit in football.
  8. 4 games and just one win against Watford...
  9. Hope not, we could get him for free year ago.
  10. Another shit Hazard pass... Another one..
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