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  1. Just replace him with Luiz, the more i think about it, the more i like it, Luiz-Kante-Oscar is the best midfield we have right now (sadly but true, except for maybe some youngsters), And keep Cesc for what he is good for these days, an impact sub when players are already tired and his slugishness doesnt seem out of place that much any more
  2. I would really consider just putting Luiz in midfield instead of Matic, he just can't be trusted in defense but offers much more defensively and attacking wise than Matich in a more advanced role
  3. What's the point of a Matic?? He's become horrible in defense, the game just seems to go past him, he doesnt create shit, all he does is dribble the ball towards the players he wants to pass to cause his passing is so bad
  4. That's the problem of building a team consisting out of physical players, Once they fall of the cliff it suddenly becomes apperently clear they cant play for shit and there is nothing you can do but drop them
  5. I knew this was gonna happen when i saw the line up. I fcking hate Oscar but against arsenal you need people who can press and Oscar has always been pivotal in our games against them. Stupid fcking timing to drop him
  6. 2 vs 2, Cahill and Luiz vs Sanchez and Ozil. There is no chance that doesn't end up in a goal
  7. That Cahill-ivanovic partnership though hoofing the ball away at every opportunity
  8. Is it even possible for that commentator to hide his love for United even less? So obnoxious all these biased commentators
  9. First time Costa is up against Manchester united if i'm not mistaken? I think he will score for sure and will bring us a boring 1-0 victory which will lead to the same line up next league game
  10. lol, none of our defenders reacting to that cross, what a joke
  11. Oscar for Matic, don't know if i have to be happy or cry
  12. And they say RLC is lazy when out of possession, just watch ivanovic on that barkley chance just now, just strolling up field while we are under pressure
  13. Zaha double marked by Iva and Cesc...gets in a perfect cross....no surprise there i suppose
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