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  1. I never write on forums, because first and foremost I am a lazy bastard, secondly, I have never considered my views interesting enough to write down. But I have had to do it this time, since I have enjoyed the last couple of months so much. I would like to show my respect and say I am grateful for the following things: 1. I am able to sit down and watch a Chelsea match with joy, energy and excitement without being bored to death. 2. I can also look forward to the next match like it would be a holiday. 3. I like modest and professional people in life, so it is especially pleasant
  2. If you cooked a lovely lunch yesterday, it won't be as good for dinner, even if you reheat it and add some spices, as it was at midday.
  3. People tend to forget rather quickly and be without respect to those who have achieved never-seen results in the club's history. You can organize something uniform, but if you lose your creativity and personality with selling the grey cells, you will never win anything. The more people keep on saying you-know-who knows better, the more people will believe that they think the same and approve such a dumb act like selling the player who belongs to our history in an organic way.
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