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Frank Arnesen's interview for London Evening Standard

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just a thought on integrating youth players to the first team: it is hard at a club like ours, especially at this time. for teams comfortable in mid table, they have nothign to really risk by playing some youth. in the position we are where we are fighting for a champions league spot, its not really suitable for us to be taking a gamble. thats why i personally think loaning players out is improtant for clubs at our level. Lukaku an example. last season with us, we all knew he was frustrated, send him out on loan, he is loving it, and we as fans of chelsea are loving seeing the potential he has. Unless a player gets a chance, and manages to put in a really good performance, like Bertrand did, who to be fair amy have only got the chance due to the lack of players in that position, then players arent going to get much game time with the first teamm Piazon got some time in the capital one cup before he was sent out on loan and thats about it. we see Ake appear on the bench and making an appearance in the europa league, but their time is limited. thats why loands are important for these players, its not ideal, but its the best we can do until we dont have anything to fight for. so i dont really think its fair to say that our academy players dont get a chance, its just not worth the gamble.

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