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  1. The price will not be' determined by Chelsea because is already determined, 70M, 90% for Napoli is 63M I know that we will always get 90% of the price , but if you think you make the price even if we don't want to sell and don't need money I can retrace why Your economic too is going so bad even without 20 years of Berlusconi
  2. http://www.rafabenitez.com/web/index.php?act=mostrarContenidos&idioma=in&co=2282Rafa benitez quote So the price is 70 milllions Dont worry for our future ADL knows how to make his business
  3. eheh do you know how napoli supporters call ADL? PAPPONE it means pimp
  4. with 70 you buy cavani only, that's the price if you want hamsik too, i don't know if 40 millions is enought napoli doesn't need money, if you want his player you have to pay the price ADL asks otherwise, watch them on SKY
  5. the total price is 70M Euros, not 63
  6. hi all I'm a Napoli supporter from Italy I'm glad you like so much our player, playing with cavani is like to play in 12 you can well understand why Napoli, ADL and Benitez doesn't wont to sell him, the only way to take him is to pay totally his provision i wrote here http://forum.talkchelsea.net/topic/8670-edinson-cavani/page-80#entry582321some mount ago about that if you really want him, the price is 63millions of euros for napoli, + %10 for old teams (70 millions of euros total, 60 millions of pounds) If you want to take him, yuo have to pay the full price in 20 days this clause is valid
  7. Hi all I'm a Napoli supporter from Italy I saw you’re very interested in the best player Napoli ever had after Maradona, and talking about his cost, but I think you need some detail about his clause. Actually Cavani’s clause is 67 millions of euros, 63 for Napoli + 4 for Montevideo, + taxes (55 Millions of pounds), and has very strictly rules: * Who buys has to pay the entire amount in one time, no instalments * It’s valid only in June and July, to allow Napoli to replace the player * If you offer all the money, Napoli cannot reject, only Cavani can Cavani earns 4.5 millions of euros / yea
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