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  1. Can't wait for Ivanovic to 1 day be benched. It'll happen soon enough but Cesc is not far behind him to be fair.
  2. Yes we do need another player that can scare teams the way Hazard can. I don't see why we haven't made a big bid for Reus? We are very predictable and dead boring to watch now. Should've kept Salah.
  3. We are royally screwed for this season. There is no winning mentality and we are the most lethargic looking ever. Our shots on goal are always blocked or so easy to save. Cesc looks like he CBA, Ivanovic was rubbish again and Costa causes more damage for us than the opposition. Chequebook is needed for January most definitely and players have to go.
  4. I remember from how we played with Damien Duff and Arjen Robben with Lamps in the middle and a strong defence.. we won the league with them didn't we?
  5. I don't know if Mourinho has given too much of a "let's not lose this game" we have really forgotten how to keep the ball and let me not mention how sh*t the defence is yet again. I'd be very happy if I don't have to see Cahill, Oscar or Ivanovic start another game for us. Cesc doesn't have options to pass because they don't move quickly. We just don't learn!
  6. The EPL HAVE TO make the headlines and Chelsea winning today would not make any headlines. Only if we failed to win would it serve its purpose which thanks to the ref performance and our average performance gives them a headline.
  7. Oscar has been dogcrap since the Swansea game and before it would prefer he was transferred to Italy where his 'style' would fit. Mourinho will no doubt have to think of getting more from Cesc/Costa
  8. Luckily they didn't score in the very end. Gotta play better than this from now on
  9. Expected goal to give away. Not clinical with 11 men so only 1 goal now we fuck up. Since January we've been decaying
  10. I would love it for Torres to do what Mutu did and then be sacked without his bag of pounds .. it's what a Con artist like him deserves :ph34r2: I know it would be a real waste of money.. but it would make me happy if he never gets on the pitch as a blue again.. his body language pisses me off I think it's his fault that I had a flu while writing this.. sit on the bench Torres you Con artist
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