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  1. I'm not reading much into the second half with a player down I'll focus on the first half 1. City were not brilliant they were also in pre season mode 2. Our central midfield is the main problem I think they make our defense look worser than it is. 3. luiz was impetuous but mikel and terry were very poor 4. we still dont know how to use ramires effectively and he cannot play RW without a proper RB. 5. mata is better than hazard and both combined as well as they could for their first match together. 6. Oscar will walk into our central midfield 7.we need a sandro tiote de jong type ball winner
  2. first post here. Bremen think marin is not good enough sell him cheap 6M to us. We buy De Bruyne before Marin for 9M check out both in preseason and general consensus is marin is better.Now de bruyne goes to werder. Werder definitely see de bruyne as an improvement over marin otherwise they wouldnt have sold the latter so cheap. We believe De Bruyne is no god enough and hence loan him out. Is it simply just a case of each one fitting their team better or is De Bryne really better than marin ?
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