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  1. Wow loan rumors on BBC; maybe Everton. Got I hope this is BS, give the lad his chance.
  2. To be honest I'd rather sell used condoms on street corners than play for united. But if Moyes rings me now and offers me I'm contract ill be there quick as a flash. Pffff Loyalty!!!
  3. I actually expect him to have signed this time next year. Eto makes sense, stop gap for a season and Rooney shall be down to one year left on his contract. At that point UTD have less bargaining power, and we shall be European and PL champions. Moyes also in a stronger position having had the first year under his belt. Happy days... Lock this shit up till Jan mods.
  4. Lol I'd rather get relegate than sell a player? What the f.... I love Mata, but is sooner sell him and win the league than keep him and finish third. Your whole statement is bizarre.
  5. What a pile of crap, so if the player were useless its fine to sell em, but if they are good it's plastic to sell them? Players have always been sold.... Would I want to sell Mata? No.... But would I turn on Jose (a little plastic perhaps?) because he is sold? No.... Read the context buddy!!!
  6. Mmm No.... I love Mata, but if we sign Rooney and he went in too score +20 league goals of applaud Jose since that's what we are missing.
  7. Future captain? WTF? First I've heard off it, personally think he would make awful captain...
  8. Not really we have 4 CBs for 2 CB spots, most clubs do.
  9. Can't say I'm happy with it, I'd rather spend half that and bring in DDR.
  10. Mmm honestly can't see Moses leaving as he helps with the English contingent rules for Europe. Actually nervous that Mata could be about to leave. Makes sense, he isn't your typical Mourinho player, not quick or powerful and lacks discipline defensively. In Jose I trust I guess.... but this could be a disaster if true.
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