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  1. Terry out. Here we go. We must playing attacking football like we did in the first few games. Sitting back is a disaster. Either way Hull will probably score in the first 15mins. Hopefully we can score too!!! 1 point here is my guess. Cant wait for January to see the start of the overhaul.
  2. I can handle mid table providing we start to use some new faces.Experience will make us stronger. We have too many left overs in the team. I wont name them because they have all played a big part in success, but like all players its time to draw down the curtain on a few careers.
  3. Gary Cahill! Second time caught with the ball. Fuck me!! Really what a calamity. Chelsea top 4 ha. Defending is awful. Conte must make some drastic changes here. Ivanovic times up bro. Luiz is like a Clown act with Cahill his side kick. 3 games and we have been 2 nil down before we have even wake up!!! Not good enough. Glory days are OVER. Chelsea back to being a middle table team. We better get used to it. Sadly. Losing has become normal again.
  4. Hope Conte gives the less played a run. Interesting to see who Ranieri plays too. use it as a training session. Arsenal more important!!
  5. We play like this against Arsenal and TROUBLE!! Too many on vacation again.
  6. As i said. Liverpool will hit hard first. We concede two goals. game over. Never mind its our first loss. Had we won last week we would be sitting better. We need to beat Arsenal otherwise we will be chasing again.
  7. Great to read some positive comments. Chelsea should dig in for this one. There will be goals hopefully more for us than them. 3 pts will be good. Reckon Liverpool will start stronger out of the blocks but we will grind them down.Good luck Chelsea!!
  8. some of you are talking like you expect Chelsea to be title contenders? What the f...ck! We came 10th last season.. Stop whinging, We are in a better position than last season. Chelsea are competitive so far at least. Give Conte some time for footballs sake. oh and who gives a shit about Liverpool and Arsenal. What exactly have they achieved that make them better? Anyone can beat anybody in football. Go the Chels!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  9. Give the Manager a chance. Chelsea struggling to buy players now. Fact. They will rebuild. We should get our first point. We only have the EPL and FA CUP etc to play. We will be okay.
  10. Ummm, think we will draw. Hope to finish last two games with some points and effort.
  11. 3 points today. Well done. No point in analyzing every detail. What for?
  12. It is hard to be positive and not feel betrayed by the below par performances. The writing was on the wall in the first few rounds. They definitely need an overhaul and it will happen. What conspires next season who knows, but something was seriously wrong from the start.We are not the only team to under perform either. Lets hope we do not have to see this kind of season again.
  13. At least we have shown some resolve since Guus took over.
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