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  1. He's a goal machine, an assist-maniac and we almost bought him for peanuts. It's nearly as beautiful as a dream or a virtual game.
  2. One day, blues will be on the top of the world, until it is, i'm desperately looking on the top four getting further and further and i remember with nostalgia a banished manager, a forgotten rookie and an almost retired who used to make us win all matches we played, in the same time, last season.
  3. He certainly will, 3 and Werner also 3...The are so impressives !
  4. No reason for being pessimistic tonite ? A very reliable and complementary CB and the most efficient attackers in the world (the worth they are the most they play) for trying to finish a wounded fawn, which is never so dangerous than in this situation. Loosing this game, with this game sheet will only be a surprise for those who don't know football.
  5. This will stay without response if (very unfortunately) like many times for football things, i am right.
  6. Tonight, Giroud won't save our ass as he did so many times since he plays for Chelsea. The simple minds who only swear by quickness, will search for a long time the reasons why we would have been knocked out by Atletico and why we won't finish in the top four at the end of the season, despite our quick golden boys. Great club, poor fans.
  7. What's the aim of our game ? Looking dangerous ? I can understand how the image, the look got more and more important in our societies but without win, it's still have no meaning for me, particularly when you're Chelsea.
  8. The names before the results, before the performance. The expected potential over every consideration. ...Well, well... Anyone see the game as he wants, let's hope we won't bitterly regret our golden boys's sterility if the game sheet does'nt change against Athletico
  9. Reading your reactions on this forum, 2 conclusions : Havertz and Werner are uncriticables, and if we did'nt win this game, it's the childwell's fault. Practical, very practical...
  10. Giroud black listed again ? What a pity, it was a game for him. Let's hope we don't regret it !
  11. What a desillusion it would be if we don't win against this Leeds
  12. Are you asking for Werner "the score machine" ?
  13. Let's see a man among the children, Giroud on the pitch to get this win
  14. Oh the poor little Werner who get the ball only on his false foot. Not expansive enougnh, that's why...
  15. Let's subb him by Werner, the man who never misses an opportunity to score
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