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  1. It's gonna be a very tough game. The match against Athletico mus'nt make forget us, how much we struggle for making offensive differences.
  2. At least there will be crosses, what it never happens with Alonso and which is quite rare with cho who also keep the ball too long before crossing (when he decides to). Let's trust Werner, this system is made for him and the presence of Giroud must, some day, allow him to shine.
  3. Even if i'm not convinced by him, I've got the feeling we must insist with Werner
  4. I 'd like to see : Mendy Azpi - Christensen - Rudiger James -Jorginho - Kante - Chilwell Mount Giroud - Werner
  5. Don't you think, it's a too crucial game for giving him time to improve and get trust ? He does'nt play anymore for Leverkusen... If he plays, he will take the place of someone who is already competitive
  6. 15 goals for such a poor player ! That's exactly what i mean, most of time, if you want to find the real level for a striker from Bundesliga, you reduce by 2 his best total
  7. Those comparisons come naturally when you see a lot of players who were kings in their original leagues, having a tough time and finally never suceed in PL
  8. He was good looking ! A young handsome guy who've costed so much money, beyond his performances, has to be on the pitch
  9. We don't score goals in Premier league, so easily than in Bundesliga. It's a learning within everyone can't suceed, look what happen to Haller.
  10. Between poor and old what is the worth stigma for you ? By forgetting Giroud, 4 months in the stand, behind Tammy and the young and fabulous Batshuayi, Lampard answered in his way.
  11. Too bad for Timo we've got a team which can't play in own's part of the pitch without conceding too many goals Our defensive players are too erratics for playing this strategy. We don't have a strong number 6 to play like the third CB just ahead the defense, this not the natural role of Kante and Jorginho always get drowned under pressure, our CB, precisely, are not good enough since the Cahill's twilight, they also get in panic too easily even if Silva has brought stability, we need, at least one boss 100% fit on those posts. No possible feat without this leader, a Chelsea fan should know i
  12. Very very short memory... So, for this home match against MU, may be the most important of the season, let's leave Giroud on the bench, play Havertz, Pulisic or Werner and pray what they didn't show yet this season , come back like a miracle for this game. And if the miracle does'nt come, let's hope another miracle, Giroud doing in 15 minutes the thing our young and pacy superstars would'nt 've been able to do in 75 minutes.
  13. Every one on this forum is too logical for me We're are going to play one of the most important game of the season to reach the four top, just like a miracle regarding our december-january results and most of you want to rest our best player (Mount), by far, since several months and get away our best impact player (Giroud) during the big games. Please, help me to understand ! You just want Tuchel to prepare next season by making play our young stars who struggle or you're just giving your teams for playing fifa ?
  14. So cute ! You're right again, sometimes it's better not try to argue
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