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  1. What a bad night for us. Damn! Liverpool just outplayed us. Wow! So I'm not that kind of person blaming the manager for everything. But I have to say: I dont get why Conte makes the changes so late. It's not possible for the substitutes to take influence of the game that late into the game. I dont get the strategy behind that, it makes no sense for me. And we got tactically outplayed against Liverpool. It was a bad match for Conte. Our defense is just in a very bad state at the moment. JT is missing and our defense is ruined. That shows how much we need John! He coordinates the def
  2. MATCHDAY LADS Very exciting about this one! It will be a lot of work tho. I've seen a lot of different line-ups and opinions here so far. In my opinion we should start with Cesc! I know that Liverpool is a very dynamic and fast playing team which doesnt fit the playstyle of Cesc. BUT he has so much offensive value, he has the vision no one else has and he can really make the difference! With Kante we've got a great defensive midfielder! He's a machine! And he can cover Cesc! No doubt Liverpool have great qualitiy but we can definitly do it! I'm confident! Burnley did it so we can do it a
  3. 1. You're right mate! I don't know why we are doing this every away game. 2. I think you should give Conte some time to work on this. We got a great centre-back with JT who leads our defence. Bring Luiz on maybe and we got it. 3. Totally agree! Same old problem. 4. That last minute Batshuayi change was ridicilous and makes no sense. He cant influence the game with just two min to go. Dont know what he thought there.
  4. I'm very disappointed! Everything was under control and then we just threw it. I dont know. Courtois looks very shaky in my opinion, he isn't the world class keeper we actually need. I'm also very disappointed with Matics performance and I really dont understand why Conte continues to prefer him instead of Cesc. I hope JT is alright since we badly need him against Liverpool. We can't loose two points against such opponents. Swansea was totally shit. Damn I'm so sad right now.
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