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  1. Ciao, I'm glad to see another Juventus fan I'm not criticizing the CL that we made in 2012-2013....we won our group against 2 great teams (Chelsea and Shakhtar), we defeated Celtic and then we lost against a team that was stronger than us...honestly we couldn't defeat Bayern in those matches....I think that the first year was great, we made the best that we could.... But the second year was different...we were stronger than Galatasaray and Copenaghen (we deserved to win in Torino, but we played badly and it was a very boring game) and we showed that against Real, in 2 games that we d
  2. Obviously Juve couldn't not spend much money like the top club (today the situation is different), but I don't think that money were at the centre of the problem...though he said (after the match with Bayern in 2012-2013): "Non si può mangiare in un ristorante da 100 euro con 10 euro" (you can't eat in a 100 euro's restaurant with 10 euro)...both fans and management remembered that words and I think that game was the beginning of the end of the experience of Conte in Juve...furthermore also in 2013' summer there were words about a possible resignement...
  3. Sincerely, there were many problems between Conte and the leadership of the club...probably after the game with Benfica there was a big wrangle...I don't think that the money were the problem...thus in that summer we bought Morata (rumors said that he was a Conte's specific request)...probably he went away from Juve because he had problems with the managers (in particular Marotta)...
  4. The problem was that he hadn't a man that could dribble, that could make a decisive dribbling...we hadn't a man like that, the midfilders were raiders (I think this is the word, in Italian is "incursori",men that run without the ball in the space)and Tevez didn't make many dribbling....so we musted score with the long passes and the movements of Vidal, Pogba and Marchisio..for this reason Conte wanted Cuadrado, that can dribble the opponent and create numerical superiority...
  5. Season 2013 2014 (the last in Juventus) To improve our results in CL, the club bought 2 top strikers: Carlitos Tevez and Fernando LLorente. Furthermore, arrived also Angelo Ogbonna (he played with us 2 season). The tactic was always the same 3-5-2 Buffon Barzagli-Bonucci-Chiellini Lichtsteiner- Pogba -Pirlo- Vidal -Asamoah (but Marchisio played many times) Tevez-LLorente (at the beginning of the season played Vucinic with Tevez) We were easily champions again, because the opponents couldn’t stop our new strikers: 102 points (record). We pl
  6. Another 2 things about season 2012-2013: 1 Conte prefers a center midfilder that can make both long and short passes....when there wasn't Pirlo, he tried there Pogba, because he tought that he can do this...than he noticed that it was not his place and so there played Marchisio 2 he loves players like Giaccherini...when Emanuele went away, Conte was very angry...he likes him because he understood the movements that Conte wants...the best example was yesterday against Scotland: perfect pass of Bonucci, nice move by Giaccherini that miss alone against the GK...
  7. Season 2012-2013 In the first season in Juventus, Conte noticed 2 problems: left wing and strikers. So, the club bought Asamoah, Isla and Giovinco. There were also other operations, such Pogba, Bentner,…. The whole season we played with the 3-5-2, with this formation Buffon Barzagli-Bonucci-Chiellini Lichtsteiner-Marchisio-Pirlo-Vidal-Asamoah Giovinco-Vucinic We won easily the Serie A and we went to the quarter-finals of Champions League. If I should suggest you a match to see, I will say another time Juventus-Parma, the first of the seas
  8. Sincerely, I think Manolas is a great player and probably better than all the defensemen in the Premier League.... if I were you, I will hope to see Manolas with my colours. Rudiger, however, isn't good...Bonucci will not come to Chelsea, he will end his career with our colours.
  9. Chelsea is very different from Conte's Juventus 1 There is no Bonucci (a defenseman that can make long pass like a top midfilder) 2 There is no Pirlo (one of the best midfilder in history) I think that he will change his way to play. I will be very surprised if he doesn't buy a defenseman....and in Juventus he always wanted defensmen that can speak italian, so he can easily speak with them...I think he will try to buy a defenseman that plays (or played) in Serie A
  10. I can try to answer 1 Conte loves Cuadrado...he said it many times when he was in Juventus... I don't think he changes his opinion...but i don't know who will play... 3 maybe I can make a mistake, but I think that he will not play with 3 defensemen...in Juventus there was Bonucci, you don't have a player like him....and I can nor find a similar defenseman... 2 In Juventus Conte was not a manager...the key figures are Marotta, Paratici and Nedved...I don't know what power will Conte have in Chelsea...but I know one thing (like all the italians): the first thing to do is to fix
  11. Hello, I am a Juventus italian fan and maybe I can help you to understand which kind of coach Conte is...(sorry for my english, I hope you will understand) When he arrived in Juventus, he found a tragic situation...the previous season the team, with Del Neri, arrived at the 7th place and all the fans were demoralised. However, the 2011 summer was spectacular: we bought Pirlo, Vidal, Vucinic and Lichtsteiner and we inaugurated the new stadium. When he arrived, he said that the best tactic for him was the 4-2-4, the most difficult to teach and to do, he said. So, the first of
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