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  1. LOL Bendter is a marotta boy like Anelka,ecc... At that time Juventus had no money and wasted the whole summer market in long negotiations that always failed. Conte left Juventus precisely because he asked for economic effort while the management thought, for example, to sell Vidal. The budget at the time for a player was of 18 million euros.Juventus today has a totally different budget Dybala has been bought by Palermo for almost 50 million euros.
  2. 3CB Conte's system has won 6 championships for Juventus in Italy. So no the problem is not the system the problem is that Chelsea do not have a midfield.The only good is kante.
  3. I do not think players are playing against Conte.Simply Chelsea's rose is too short for four competitions, while last year with only one game per week could overcome the problem due the greater physical and tactical preparation that Conte's methods give This summer Conte had said "it would be the most difficult season of my career" and he was right.
  4. Morata did not have to replace Costa. Costa should be replaced by Lukaku. The plan was to play with two strikers one faster and more technical and the other stronger physically. In fact even after buying Morata and having failed with Lukaku Chelsea have been looking for Llorente.Morata is, however, a great champion and will give you many joys even though yesterday made a mistake in the first half, but can happen to everyone. Chelsea can also exonerate Conte if the board no longer believes in him is better for both. But continuing to exonerate big coaches without solving the underlying problems
  5. In the first half, Chelsea deserved the draw. Rudiger's mistake in the second goal is ridiculous.In the second half Chelsea was ridiculous and Roma deserved 3-0. You have an obvious problem in the midfield of agonistic intensity without Kante and even him is not enough for 4 competitions.The worst thing, however, was the lack of anger.
  6. Board had already decided to sell Matic. Conte did not want to sell Matic,he said it clearly in a couple of conferences
  7. Conte did not want to sell Matic.
  8. In the past angry Conte was the best Conte.Let's see if it will happen again.
  9. Facts have shown that Conte was totally right.Chelsea bench is very limited.
  10. Fake news,Conte did not say "Chelsea's playing schedule is impossible".Conte said that workloads are 70% less because it is impossible to train as last year playing every 3 days.
  11. LOL so Chelsea wants win the CL with a rose of only 11/12 elements.Good luck.Next time a coach asks for reinforcements and to buy Lukaku, Alex Sandro, Llorente, etc ... better listen to him than buy Zappacosta and Drinkwater the last day.If Chelsea no longer believes in Conte exoneration will be better for Conte and the team.
  12. Bullshits: 1)Italian federation can not afford a high salary 2)Conte left the national team because he was going crazy without daily work. If(and is a big if) Conte leaves Chelsea will only be for a top European club.
  13. But despite this, Conte will do everything to win the PL again. Poi che non salga nessuno su quel cazzo di carro(cit.)
  14. For me Chelsea still has great chances of winning the PL. You have had a very difficult calender in this season's start compared to MU and City. Conte was clear in his analysis. ‘On this issue I have already spoken and to repeat the same opinion is not good. We don’t want to use it as an excuse. To play another massive game two days later you must consider the fatigue in the legs of your players, and it’s impossible to press box to box because after 30 minutes you have no energy. ‘It’s normal when you play three massive games in seven days you must consider this aspect but we needed
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