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  1. Thee is only one person to blame and I want answers from him.
  2. Who the hell is Ake? Ramires will make a comeback to his best in this game.
  3. Some are saying the ref cost us some say matic, what cost us the game was those idiot racists on the paris train, we were never going to win this game
  4. I watched the first 40 minutes of this game, two clear penalties denied and that tackle on ivanovic, I turned off my tv, I knew we were going to either lose or draw, just watched match of the day and my gut was right. Games like this makes my blood boil. City get a penalty inside 28 seconds. I am beyond fuming.
  5. After signing a long-term premier league contract Frank Lampard stopped scoring, the mission of our secret agent has started.
  6. I am very sorry guys, I tuned in to the City game and they scored immediately
  7. chelsea fans: DIEGO, DIEGO, DIEGO diego: let me score
  8. This game is finished, I'm going to watch the city game
  9. Today is going to be a great day, I'm going to watch chelsea beat newcastle then im going to watch my hand beat my meat.
  10. This is my first thread I need some help guys. This friday I'm getting extra pay cause I worked on Christmas Eve/Boxing Day etc. I was thinking about buying a PS4 but then I thought why not a PC. I literally play only two games, Battlefield and GTA. I know GTA 5 is not out yet on PC but I can wait. Battlefield has more players on the map in the PC than PS4 which is a huge plus. Im leaning on PC but my budget is £300, which is equivalent to a new PS4. I've searched all over the internet and basically it comes down to preference, but nobody has asked one question which is, is a £300 PC better
  11. I hate USA, 24 years ago they decided to overthrow a dictator somewhere in east africa creating millions of refugees and a power vacuum that hasn't been filled till this day. One day I hope to go to war with USA, not like a terrorist, but traditional war. Hopefully I can join Russia or China.
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