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  1. You don't think Modric has been great in big games? well i am sorry but then you simply have not watched Spurs play over the last 3 seasons. I have watched just about every one of their games and apart from his poor performance in Champions League v Real (Mourinho had him tightly man marked) he was regularly outstanding every time he played againts the best team. Every time i remember Spurs playing v Arsenal, Man Utd, Liverpool or Chelsea he was Tottenhams best player and usualy the best player on the pitch. These clips do not do him full justice but are worth a look: http://www.dailymotion
  2. People who say that Modric is not needed at Chelsea are either clueless about football or never seen him play. The guy has better technique and creativity than any other Chelsea player (by miles) and contrary to what some people have said he plays great in big games and most recently he was brilliant at the euros againts Italy and Spain (little clip below) If Chelsea signed him he would take them to another level, there are not many players like him around thats for sure
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