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    Hallo my Name is Tomislava FACEBOOK: Tomislava Barisic or Tomislav Barisic my favourite Player is Mateo Kovacic. I would like to work for Fc Chelsea London. I am Daily with Football or i play FIFA20 on Playstation4 Nintendo Switch Lite or i play Notenbook Football Manager 2020.
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    Mateo Kovacic

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  1. Timo Werner was the last 2 Games on the Bench. Christian Pulisic the 2 Goal scorer from the last Premier League Game on the Bench.
  2. Mateo Kovacic out injured Christian Pulisic on the Bench this is the Lineup: Azpilicueta----------Thiago Silva----------Rudiger James--------Jorginho-----Kante----------Chilwell Ziyech----------------Werner----------------Mount Timo Werner was the last 2 Games on the Bench. Christian Pulisic the 2 Goal scorer from the last Premier League Game on the Bench.
  3. Today 18:30 live on DaZone Fc Chelsea London VS Manchester City. I hope i see Christian Pulisic playing for the Blues. Would be amazing Mateo Kovacic but he is out injured god damn!
  4. It´s live on DaZone on Saturday. Mateo Kovacic back from Injury? Good Lineup!
  5. We have a chance against Real Madrid. Cause yesterday everyone told Real Madrid will win against Fc Liverpool. But who saw the Game he will think diffrent. Me know to play against English Clubs is not easy. Liverpool played really good vs Real Madrid. Posession. This is why i say we Fc Chelsea London can play in the Final we can beat Real Madrid in the Semi Final.
  6. I would welcome Gareth Bale to play as Left Defender Left Back. This is an good idea, Gareth Bale to sign to play for Fc Chelsea London.
  7. Yeah fully true your words are right. Real Madrid is ready! But for us is better to play Real Madrid big Teams maybe it will be Liveprool tonight we see who win. You see what happend vs Fc Porto. Trust me we have the Moral to play vs Real Madrid or Fc Liverpool.
  8. I think for us Fc Chelsea London is better to play vs Real Madrid or maybe Liverpool let´s see who win tonight. Ya see what happend against Fc Porto. Maybe our Moral was not the same as will be vs Real Madrid or Fc Liverpool.
  9. Yeah true Jorginho & Kante are more defensive Kovacic would be good for the Counter Attacks. I hope Kovacic is soon back from Injury.
  10. Yeah Mateo Kovacic Muscle injury. God Damn.
  11. Kante is back? Good News. And good idea to save Kovacic, Pulisic & Mount for City. Good Lineup!
  12. Oh Yeah my Croatian American Christian Pulisic with 2 Goals. Amazing, hope for Pulisic He find back place in the 1st Team.
  13. Yeah talented is Mateo Kovacic He could play better vs Fc Porto but the 3 Midfielder closed the Middle so He plays ofter the Ball to the Wingers, Mateo Kovacic do not show the same like in Inter Mailand. He scored. He dribbled 2-3 Players by his own. But Premier League is diffrent Football and He still play good Mateo Kovacic his defensive Work his passing Game is brilliant. Mateo Kovacic is an allrounder. He became allrounder.
  14. Hallo there from Austria. I life in Austria/Vienna i am from Croatia. Mateo Kovacic was closed by 3 Midfielders he did not have space vs Porto.
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