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  1. Gosh, I hate it when idiots make comments like this. As if daring fate to jinx it.
  2. I wish I had Alonso's job. I could literally sleep on the pitch and still expect to play every week. Great man management!
  3. 'Tis a mark of insanity to try the same thing expecting different results. No surprise that this is a manager who's never won a major trophy.
  4. Sarri clearly has no control over the dressing room unfortunately. That debacle just proved that. A proper manager would've established his authority. He wouldve walked up to him and told him that regardless of how eager he is, he'll never play a chelsea game if he doesn't leave. This set a dangerous precedent. A manager who cant manage. Keep a will need to be dealt with harshly, so that this doesnt happen again. Idc if your ego was in tatters after 6 goals. You do what you're told by the person in authority. And if you don't agree with, show it in a constructive way. Not in front
  5. It's not even about the results anymore. What is truly grating how there is a lack of reaction to adapt and change. Absolutely pathetic. I'd rather we focus more on playing football than 'sarriball'.
  6. Your short-sightedness is far more embarrassing. Please tell me which of the top 6 would be happy to be in our position. Or do we compare ourselves with West Ham now?
  7. Would've never said it if there was only one leg. I know we can easily trump them with a large scoreline if we play well in the second leg. Especially at home.
  8. Hoping we lose this and get to play a with a new manager in the second leg. Today's lineup is the most glaring one. Why would the players have a reaction if the manager has no reaction after a 6-0 hammering? Stubborn.
  9. Thanks for answering my question.
  10. Would you like to have them deported? Their rights impeded upon? Or perhaps gas chambers would be more efficient? I hear they work all too well. Let's do that. When will Europe ever learn that anti-Semitism is not, and will never be, the answer?
  11. France a muslim kalifat? HAHAHAHAHA. I don't know where you got that from, but that is definitely the most hilarious thing I've read all day! Thank you, sir.
  12. My solution? For the Europe and the USA to leave the middle east alone. Stop feeding the weapons. Stop feeding the monarchies money. Stop propping up the dictators. Stop it with the spreading of 'freedom'. Let people come to terms in a natural way that it suits them, like how Europe did. When they see that they have no reason to attack someone, they won't. Because from my readings and understandings of the groups of Al-Qaeda, Isil etc, they all rely on political truths to reply in kind. If their enemy withdraws and stops attacking, how will they call upon anyone to fight them? There will be no
  13. It's a shame that France isn't a muslim country, perhaps then the 'world' would not have been so devastated. Or even cared, or noticed. This is Eurocentrism at it's hypocritical, racist best. The calls of closing down the borders to the Syrians are no less disgusting, when this is exactly what they go through on a daily basis, for years now. This could've been used to build a bridge of understanding, to be united in the face of evil. But no, as always, fear and hostility is the reaction. Instead of solving the problem, now it'll be made worse. The French people have only their government to bl
  14. The performance wasn't as good as I'd wanted it to be, but the confidence that we gain from this result may just pave the way for the performances to follow. Yayy
  15. Am I the only one excited about this one? Stats make him look nice, his price is about the same for what we got Sturidge for the academy, and we really need to strengthen both the positions that he plays in. A no risk buy for a guy who will have much to prove, love it.
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