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Chelsea 1-1 Blackburn Chelsea win 5-4 on pens

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I saw this match from the 9th minute on so i will make a fair assessment on what i saw tonight.

I will start with a negative.

Ross Turnbull can categorically not be anything other than number 3 next season, he was dodgy all night, missed catches in the air, slipped horrifically on a backpass (which if there was more pace on that we would have had an Enkelmen mark 2 on our hands) and presented a Rovers player with a open goal which he thankfully missed. He made up for all that on the night by saving the penalty which won us the cup but if we play him for the first team we will pay because in all honesty he is a accident waiting to happen.

The first half the skill and the flair was there but Blackburn dominated mid way through the first half and took the lead through a Kalas mistake (who needs some improvement) but as the half went on our lads grew into it and some great defending from Rovers and the crossbar kept us out.

The second half however there was only one team in it, Blackburn had 2 shots all half and it was no exaggeration to say apart from those 2 moments it was like watching the Barca V Arsenal match at the Camp Nou all over again, the rhythm, movement, urgency, pressing and build up play from our lads was top class and but for a mix of the crossbar, wasteful finishing (especially from Tore and Lalkovic) and determined Rovers defending it would not have even come to pens. At 1 point it looked like it was not going to be our night but Todd Kane's fantastic leveler (ironically seconds after we made a triple change) was truly deserved and there was only 1 team that looked liked winning it (although Ross Turnbull nearly had other ideas).

But the performance after Rovers's goal is something ive been screaming for from the first team, urgency every time the lads had the ball there was only one thought on their mind, get the ball forward with pace and test the defense while they were out of shape instead of doing what the first team do (pass backwards and sideways which by then the opposition defense was back in shape - fulham away prime example of that) and if we ended up losing that match i would have taken comfort that they bursted every vein in order to try and get back in it.

Here are the players that impressed me the most about the performance in the second half especially.

Lalkovic and Tore

Despite both missing sitters the wing play and trickery was a absolute joy to watch, didn't rest for a moment and caused Blackburn all sorts of problem's, if we had 2 players like that in our 1st team this season we might have had a better season infact we almost certainly would have.

Conor Clifford, Nathaniel Chalaboah and George Saville

The 1st two had a bit of a quiet start but in the second period these three were key to our second half domination, combination play, top class and hardly misplaced any passes at-all and if they carry on the way their going all deserve a fair shout of the first team some time in the future.

Todd Kane and Ryan Bertrand

In the second half these two were basically like wingers and caused havoc on their respective side's and also there defending was not half bad either, Aziz came on for Ryan and did very well aswell.

As i said this was a superb performance from our young team (especially in the second half) and the fact we outplayed a reserve side who beat a experienced Man.Utd reserve side should fill us all with pride and it only bodes well for a blue future.

As Sam Hutchinson said after the match why cant some of them play at Everton? i hope Carlo saw that

KTBFFH blue%20scalf.gif

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My stream went bust just before the shootout and got it working again literally before Turnbull's save.

Just had a look at the whole shootout and they were all class pens especially Lalkovic's, our first team can learn a thing or two.

Also for the 4th pen Turnbull had a glint in his eye like he knew he was going to save, in the others he looked nervous.

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ha, it was a great night out and that 2nd half was phenomenal from us. Deserved more than a goal and we had our chances but Todd Kane...the boy only knows how to score screamers!

So glad we won it and hope we keep this format for next season.

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