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1 hour ago, DH1988 said:

Deluded? On your opinion or? If so, I’ll carry on with my delusion of what I consider to be a big club.

I do not consider Spurs a big club, and I do not consider Arsenal a big club anymore. 

Opinions opinions opinions.

I don't think "big club" is a title you earn for a lifetime. If a club is being successful for a while, win a lot of trophies and being able to attract world class players, well at some point people surely would start recognising it as a big club, right? And vice versa, if you spend almost 2 decades barely winning anything (and the stuff you've won recently is only a couple of national cups), but still banging your drum for your successful spell in the 60s or 70s, you'll get laughed at by everyone.

In that line of thinking Arsenal aren't a big club anymore, in fact they've lost that privilege a while ago. It was probably around the time they almost went a full decade without winning "any" trophy at all, started wildly celebrating top 4 finishes and their top players wisely left them to join their EPL rivals. And what about Spurs? Were they ever anything more than a B-rated team? 2 League cups in the last 30 years... don't make me laugh.

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This guy Bissouma looks a top quality player. He’s everywhere and looks quite Kante-like. I know he has been linked to Arse all summer so I hope they don’t get him over the next couple of weeks. He is precisely the sort of player they’ve been missing and would pair well with Partey.

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16 hours ago, DH1988 said:

Arsenal, in my opinion, doesn’t mean you have to agree with it, are no longer a big club to me. Why? Lack of success. You can define it by revenue, stadium size, online fan base, whatever YOU want.

Crazy talk you have no idea of what makes a football club people will read this and laugh at Chelsea fans because of that statement. If they for instance get Conti and start challenging again in your thinking they become big team again.

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2021-22 English Premier League

Wolverhampton Wanderers          380.png&h=100&scale=crop&w=100&location=origin
Tottenham Hotspur                        367.png&h=100&scale=crop&w=100&location=origin




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Adama Traore is absolutely destroying Spuds here. Was great last week as well against Leicester other than the horrible 2 sitters he missed.

I’d still love him here.

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Never, ever feel confident in Man United dropping points to these small teams no matter how horrendous they’re playing for much of the game. They always come back and win over and over again. They seem to enjoy going behind almost.

One 15 minute spell in the second half and they’ll probably win 4-1.

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4 minutes ago, DH1988 said:

Can’t watch either game, 5G coverage Z E R O.

How is Livra getting on? 

Been very solid and looked very good on an offensive basis too.

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20 minutes ago, Mana said:

Meanwhile United are 1-0 down lol

They probably won every game last season when they went 1-0 behind when they were away from home, which was frequent, so wouldn't laugh until the final whistle is blown.

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