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31 minutes ago, Fulham Broadway said:

Burnley 1 up  -doing us a favour so far

Not overly worried even if Everton win

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This is exactly why Ancelotti has won only 4 league titles in 20+ years as a manager. Can galvanize his teams for one off games or big games but can't do the same against smaller teams. Everton have beaten Spurs (twice), Liverpool, Arsenal, Chelsea this season but contrived to lose to Newcastle (twice!), Fulham, Burnley etc.

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City is just too good. 

But them getting knocked out in CL is one of the highlights in every season for me. I'm enjoying it so much!


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Would be lovely if Sheffield experience a new manager bounce today lol. Sadly, I expect absolutely nothing from them against Leicester.

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They might regret getting rid of him -they were 11th in League 1 when he took over.

He must be gutted -stood on the terraces as a kid, progressed to ball boy etc. Sheffield through and through

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Leicester winning just 3 games in the last 14 rounds last season is the reason why we got 4th place...

Expecting another fuckup by them like that is pathetic from us.

If we win 20 points from possible 27 in the next 9 games we are easily in top4. Focus on that.


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It's criminal when you see the squad that Leicester have and the squad that we have and we're the ones that have been struggling to finish in the Top 4 while they have been sitting in the Top 4 consistently since the start of last season.

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Just don't let West Ham beat Man United. And Tottenham beat Arsenal 😄 Here we are again, hoping for specific results in other games.

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