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I was bored...

chelsea 3-1 arsenal 1-1 spurs 0-3

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53 minutes ago, Tomo said:

Paul Pogba (and now by the looks of things Greenwood) are practically bullied by the media, lets not pretend they protect United at all costs.

the media are overall cunts

so toxic

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1 minute ago, Vesper said:

Lamptey earns a pen

Can't believe i was the only one in my private league to put him in my fantasy team, was basically a cheat code at his price.

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It is only a matter of time that Lamptey will be worth 50 million pounds just like Chilwell. Obviously, he has to choose to play for England. But Lamptey deserves it. Great player with amazing skill sets. It is hard to find that kind of dynamic, ball playing Full backs with great dribbling skills

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I was shocked when we sold Lamptey. Really weird decision.
He wanted to leave because he knew he would not have gotten a fair chance at Chelsea. Azpi and RJ are in front of him, so he decided to leave. He is clearly ambitious and intelligent and he also plays like that.
Love Lamptey

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