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Chelsea In A Big Splash

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Chelsea players have revealed the secret to their recent success on the pitch is down to... WATER POLO!

The star-studded Blues squad play the game in the swimming pool at the club's state-of-the-art training headquarters.

Following training sessions all the players, including England internationals Joe Cole and Ashley Cole, head straight for the water. There they play water polo, trying to score goals in the plastic nets at each end of the pool.

One insider said the games can get very competitive.

"You get a bunch of players in any sport and they want to win," he said. "And even thought it's water polo, it's still fierce competition.

"It's quite bizarre to see such big names playing such a weird sport."



All the Chelsea players use the pool the day after a match in a warm-down routine devised by medical experts

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I played water polo a bit in my late teens when I was swimming more regular. I used to train a few nights a week with a swimming club and sometimes joined in with they're training games ( water polo side).

Its very good exercise and is harder than it looks.

Its not wierd at all...........Or maybe I am? :lol:

Sorry...I should have said swimming instead of "more regular"....havent been swimming in fuck knows how long. The ciggies wont help my breathing either :lol:

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