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Most expensive Game you have bought or have Seen

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Street fighter II the world warrior for the snes.

£64.99 !!!!!!!

Scandalous considering it was back in 1993.

I also saw a NES game for £60.

I think I've paid about £100 for a game before.

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I remember when PS3 games first came out they were RRP £47.99 (about $80USD) each :blink:

Cheapest snes games were £44.99 and went up to between £55 and £65 (usually capcom games) and this was in '92-'93 !!!

Makes PS3 look cheap. But then again the Neo geo was something daft like £80 + per game.

Chipped ps2 = Free games :lol:

Used to do the same only PS1.

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Chipped ps2 = Free games :lol:

Trying not to sound like some morale asshole is hard here but : people like you pisses me off, it's rude to not only pirate game but brag about it too... Jebus....

Gran Turismo 5 Collector's Edition

Yeah I bought that too, the one with the wallet and useless shit like that, just couldn't stop myself.

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Why? :lol:

Are you even serious? Obviously it's really fucking rude to download anything illegally that people actually live off, you are not entitled to the games in any way if you don't pay for them and you are a dick for bragging about taking stuff for free that people (like me once) worked hard on. At least just download and shut up about it. It's a fucking disgrace to think that it's fair that you go and download your games illegally.

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