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Avram: Maka Can Get Better!

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Chelsea boss Avram Grant believes Claude Makelele can get even better.

The manager said: "I think Makelele could even be getting better. He is a special guy. I told him at the beginning I didn't know how many games he would play but he had to be there when we needed him. "And when we have, like at Valencia, at Everton and many others, he was there. He has a lot of experience and is good for the squad. Even when he doesn't play he is good to have around because he has a very good influence."


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Of course,we knew all this before.Makelele is a world class defender and tbh one of the best defensive midfielders in the past 10-15 years.Hope he wins some more silverware this season with us and gets a fine club where he can retire.Great professional and a top blok.

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Cant remember if he's extended his deal to beyond the end of this season, if not, he's 5 months to turn into someting really special.

Very few players get a position named after themselves........which is a mark of how great he already is :D

No he only extended til summer but thank god he did. What a great servant for the club, loyal and a true professional. Just steps in whenever he's needed and does whatever is asked of him.

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Maka has been such a significant player for us, ever since he signed for us, he is such a committed player and fills in when ever he is needed, he has been one of them players who is leader and knows his role as a defensive midfielder so well and in my perspective i think he is one of the best in the world at that role that he plays for us and where ever he decides to end his career i wish maka the best of luck for the rest of it.

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