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I Was Just Wondering If This Would Ever Happen Again


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It is not about the result. I remember that Barcelona had all the hype at that time. Ronaldinho was back there what Messi is today...but before the match I was conviced that we were going to win.

This team was so good that I was sure that the CL trophy was in our hands. I never saw such a good performance after that. The squad was so fucking good. Duff, Cole, Makelelé, and a young Lampard in the midfield. Mourinho was also unpredictable. Nobody new who was going to start before the match.

I expect to see something like that in next seasons: the same winning spirit, the same confidence and the same hungry for glory. I dont want Mourinho back, but when I remember such a good season I can´t be satisfied with the current manager, the current squad and the current form.

Even in last season with the double I never felt that we were as strong as we were back in that night in Stamford Bridge. It felt like we were invincible.

ps: Ferreira was already as awful as he is today...I never thought that the guy who made that handball would stay that long. lol

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Guest Homer2Chelsea

That was my first Chelsea match that i ever watched. It was brilliant, probably the best game i've ever watched. 3-0 up within 20 minutes, Ronaldinho with a penalty and a moment of genius turned the tie on it's head. JT's controversial header in the second half gave Chelsea the lead, Mourinho's celebrations at the end, the despair of Barca. Awesome night overall, would love to see more of these happen.

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I really thought it was our night to prevail in 09 at Stamford Bridge, our form was championship like and we played with a fighting spirit..a shame some fucking tosser had to rob us of reaching the finals.

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Going 3-0 up so early was exactly the same as when we went 3-0 up in UCL 5 years before. It was an amazing game that had everything. Probably the start of the Mourinho vs Barca rivalry too but they had their revenge the next season and went on to win it again like 2009.

Whilst we're still qualifying for the UCL every season, we have a chance of getting matches like this but we just have to make sure we're qualifying every year which is harder now because there are 6 teams that can genuinely challenge to qualify every year (Spurs, Arse, City, Utd, Liverpool and us) and even challenge the league title now

This is why the premiership is the best league in the world. Certainly the hardest league to win matches in. I'm sure we'll get another epic soon, we're due one. Maybe next season on our way to Munich.

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Lay off Ferreira, he was ace that season and was our best Right-Back at the club until Ivanovic went into that role.

(perhaps that isnt saying much about the right backs we've had at Chelsea over the last few years)

But i rate him over bosingwa, and making 200 appearances for Chelsea a great achievement.

Paulo Ferreira blue%20scalf.gif

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Paulo was different class that season. Probably the only 'mistake' he made.

It was Ferreira's error that lead to our only league defeat of the season,bundling over Anelka.

He was alright when first joining but not the great right back I thought we'd bought for the price tag and hype.

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Well i would never discount it happening Again that night was pretty epic like. going 3-0 up against One of the top 3 sides in europe In 20 mins thats stunning. even still impressive if it were against a team like everton or blackburn

sure the match would have been a cliffhanger once ronaldinho who was pretty much in his prime and one of the most feared players in that time. And he showed why with the 2nd goal which was just one word Magic

To me though if i watch it. terrys header just felt well...................more magic. like the relaxing magic if u were there or watching [if you Are a chelsea fan] and minding how close eto'o came to equalising

And how funny it is to now see that there were some players that played that match have played with both of us like Gudjohnsen or deco

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