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Cech - Arsenal have shot themselves down


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Chelsea goalkeeper Petr Cech has had stern words for title rivals Arsenal – claiming that Arsene Wenger's side have truly blown their chances of a first Premier League crown since 2004.

The Gunners have been in dogged pursuit of league leaders Manchester United for much of the season, but after again conceding points from a winning position in Wednesday's thrilling 3-3 draw against Tottenham, Arsenal have since fallen behind Chelsea and slipped into third position.

Speaking after the Blues dismantled Birmingham City 3-1 at Stamford Bridge, Cech sought to stick the knife in on Wenger's side, who conceded a two-goal lead at White Hart Lane just days after Liverpool scored an equaliser in the twelfth minute of stoppage time at the Emirates on Sunday.

Chances of silverware for either London club are minuscule, though with Chelsea boasting nine wins and two draws from their last twelve Premier League outings, Cech's side are very much so the form team in the championship race - and they may well make a late surge to defend the title they won on the last day of last season.

But Cech was quick to point out that it should be Arsenal who the Blues would be giving chase to – claiming that the Gunners have failed to get over the concession of a 4-0 lead at St James' Park and that their confidence is critically low heading into a crucial period of the campaign.

"They threw it away again [against Spurs]," Cech said. "They've had plenty of chances to close the gap this season. They haven't taken them. It will be up to them how they cope."

Meanwhile, Chelsea's number one has spoken positively about his own side's chances in clawing their way back into serious contention for the title.

Cech said: "We have to keep winning to maintain our momentum and keep up the pressure on everyone else… we have two games at home which will be massive for us. If we can win both the situation can change again. We have West Ham United [on Saturday] and then a big game against Spurs."

Though accepting it will be difficult, The Czech international stated that two gruelling Champions League ties with Schalke could undermine United's title chances, and having suffered a damaging loss to cross-town rivals Manchester City last weekend in the FA Cup semi-final, Cech believes that his side are not yet out of contention – especially with a trip to Old Trafford to come for Carlo Ancelotti's men.

But whilst this talk of reclaiming the Premier League crown can be seen as papering over the cracks of a sub-par season at SW6, Cech is at least one man who can hold his head high after arguably his best season between the posts for the club.

Having become a treble-centurion over the course of this campaign, this season has seen Cech post a better saves-to-shots ratio than in the 2005/06 season, where the Blues cantered to the title and won it by eight points. Such a finish to the season is impossible this time around, but Cech is still pleased with his own form.

"I feel great," the Chelsea keeper said. "I'm playing well and I'm happy with the way I'm performing. It has been hard this season but I feel I have had a strong season and hopefully it gets stronger."

Cech and the rest of the first team take on relegation-threatened West Ham United in the first of two London derbies in eight days for the champions.

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Sad thing is next January they will go on another run and there keep telling us how were "finished" and there a stone's throw away from dominating again we've heard it every season since 2008 and TBH its getting more tediously boring every time i hear it.

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Waiting for September when Wenger will say his 'youth' have finally 'matured', for like the 15th. How many times do they go through fucking puberty?

I think it will happen ive always said we need to win this year because next season their kids Rosicky, Lehmann, Van Persie, Arshavin, Sagna, Almunia, Squallacci, Vermealean are all gunna mature and come good laugh.giflaugh.giflaugh.giflaugh.giflaugh.giflaugh.giflaugh.giflaugh.giflaugh.giflaugh.giflaugh.giflaugh.giflaugh.giflaugh.giflaugh.giflaugh.giflaugh.giflaugh.giflaugh.giflaugh.giflaugh.giflaugh.giflaugh.giflaugh.giflaugh.giflaugh.giflaugh.giflaugh.giflaugh.gif

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Thing is their fans saw this coming as well lol. They had the whole 'we'll loose the Carling Cup...go out to Barca' which ever one came first 'and then go on the annual crap run' predictions going on..and they're right..hopfully.Still time.Hopfully they wont find a magic revial or whatever

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Its one of the things I look forward to the most... the good old Arsenal self-destruct sequence!

It's my favourite part of the season as well. So long as Arsenal keep it up with the lack of trophies since 2005 I'll be laughing all the way! :lol:

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They bottle it every year, even some arse fans I know are saying it's time for Wenger to go.

I think as well after what 6 years or so of 'this young side will mature to win trophies blah blah' build up from both Wenger and press..they've realised it aint happening! After the Carling Cup final 2007? Not gana lie thought they'd go on and do well but half the team went offskis lol

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