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If you could have one person's voice or talent...


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...who would it be, and why?

I am alright at singing but I wish I had a really rough rock voice... Corey Taylor's got one of the best voices I've ever heard, but my favourite singer at the moment is the amazing Matt Sanders... otherwise known as M. Shadows:

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I have a somewhat debateable voice, some say i have a good voice, others say otherwise. Myself, i am not going to judge, but if i could have any voice it would have to be either Myles Kennedy, who is one of the highest rated American vocalists in Rock, with working with Creed's instrumental background in Alter Bridge and working with Slash during his solo tour. He also audtioned to be Robert Page's replacement in the rumoured second runion tour that never occured. He has a harmonic and desireable voice, and with his guitar playing and lyric writing make him so, amazing.

Proof of Myles Kennedy:

Or the other person would be Sahaj Ticotin, lead singer and lead guitarist of one of the most under-rated and unpublicsized bands in the world, Ra. This guy, to me, seems to know how to write and orchenchester some beautiful music. His voice is unique, reaching high notes and adding a 'ummpf' when the distortion fo the guitars explodes onto the scene. He also back in the day, wasn't a bad rapper, which is quite unbelievable when compared to the music he actually released! Luckily he is making an solo album which is going to be released sometime in Spring, which after he will start on another Ra album in Winter.

Proof of Sahaj Ticotin:


Other singers i would put inter consideration would be Jeff Buckley, Chris Cornell, and probably some more (can't think of any more right now :lol:), but it would always come down to those two.

Outisde of music, maybe someone like Sir Michal Caine - a brilliant actor! Robert Di Niro, Al Pacino.

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I did mean music talents but nevermind :P

Just make an exception this once.

I want the voice and in particular the laugh of the million dollar man Ted Dibiase.

Singing wise?? I only like to hear women sing.

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I would love to play the piano like this :)

Good choice. Speaking as a musician, this is probably one of the most difficult pieces in the whole of the piano repertoire. You can't get more difficult than Franz Liszt.


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