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Guys and fellow Chelseans!!!!, Let the truth be told; here are some instances we went wrong against MUFC, if we strive to correct our flaws, the current Man U is no match for CFC, in terms of strenght. When it comes to power and muscle my fear for CFC was Man city, they have all the strongly built guys who usually have the penchant of bullying out our dear CFC players. The opposite is the case when you compare CFC with Man utd, we are the more physical side in these case.

What went wrong today (yesterday) here are my blames: # 1 BOSINGWA, played like an inexperienced defender in intercepting the pass to Giggs, distance was not on his side neither was it on Giggs side even though Giggs was at advantage with less distance to cover. What Bosingwa should have done then was not to go chasing a ball that he was more than likely to miss and just a simple deft touch from the opposing attacker would put him off track, what he should have done was to aim his run towards Giggs and simply stand provide an obstacle between giggs and the ball, bearing in mind that Giggs also had some little distance to cover to get to the pass. Worst outcome would have been a foul against him because at the end of the day Giggs will run into him and maybe get the foul. ( when I was much younger in my 20's I used to play defence, right full back, one thing i used to do then was to lure opponents to give a pass to the right wing attacker by pretending to create some distance between myself and the attacker. first thing that comes to the attackers team-mates is that the winger is free and they are lured to make a pass, but since i was expecting that move I was always quick enough to quell the pass 9 out of 10 times it worked for me but then I was much younger and fit. I actually use that trick to get some cheap recognition as a sturdy defender). While i dont advise creating space for your opponents to be free, I am suggesting that quick thinking is required in such scenarios. A simple bump (collision) with Giggs could have quelled that move.

#2: We need to resort into man-to-man marking simple as that, with such a rule you wouldnt have a Free Rooney to convert. All the hue and cry about 4-4-2 OR 4-3-3, is all paperwork in the real sense of the word when the game starts its all a joint task of 11(maybe 10) men attacking and defending for the soul purpose of victory.

#3: If lampard underperforms let hime warm the bench. We shouldn't allow past glories to becloud our rightful decisions, I counted a series of at least 4 faulty passes dished out by Lampard, that don't come from an in-form player with confidence.

#4: On Torres he still a useful man his tricks are sublime, so far he and his fellow teammates have not been able to enmesh him into the attacking network once these can be acheived the floodgates of goals will come back because Torres will score, then others will follow. I bet you guys the moment Torres scores the confidence level will rise again and we will start to see goals from Essien, Lampard and from distances too, of course the likes of Drogs/Anelka/kalou will always score once the floodgate is open.

So what is the way to kick out MUFC next week? Simple! man to man marking (no rough play so we dont get cards) , just making sure we dont give MUFC players yards of space to play and leaving no free Man U player on his own whereby he will be very composed enough to make good kicks into our goal area. We have a good attack that just needs to re-discover its sharpness and from midfield to defence no opponents player should be left unmarked. if we do the right things we can turn around this situation Then let CFC stop waiting for opponents to score first before they start playing why don't we change our approach and be the first to score a 2-0 lead and concentrate fully on an error free defence while occassionaly going forward to increase the tally. This season we have given away many cheap goals due to player error as opposed to well worked-out goals by our opponents. Let us change the tide. NOW IS THE TIME, to prove that we CFC are no fluke.

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