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Chelsea V Man.Utd - match ratings


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Petr Cech 7 - didnt do anything wrong and stopped Hernandez scoring a certain goal.

Jose Bosingwa 5 - caught out constantly and crossing left a lot to be dissired.

Branislav Ivanovic 6- solid but not spectacluar

John Terry 6 - read Ivan

Ashley Cole 6 - read Ivan

Ramires 6 - neat touches but didnt have the big impact he has had in the last few months

Micheal Essien 5 - was pretty sloppy in my opinion

Frank Lampard 5 - read Essien

Yuri Zhirkov 5 - neat touches but never looked like troubling united

Fernando Torres 7 - personally thought he was our best player, his movement was so much better and was unlucky not to score.

Didier Drogba 6 - battled hard but never looked likely to score.


Florent Malouda 6

Nicolas Anelka 6

John Obi Mikel 6

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Top Posters In This Topic

Cech 6.5- Did well with what he had to deal with, important touch to deny Hernandez.

Bosingwa 4- Awful, defensively so inadequate at this level, got forward but lost the ball far too much.

Ivanovic 5.5- Decent display, had a couple of problems with attackers running at him.

Terry 8- Superb in everything he did tonight, led from the back.

Cole 6.5- tried to get forward when he could, solid defensively.

Ramires 6.5- Did well out wide, should have won a penalty.

Essien 6.5- He got better as the match went along, still not up to his own high standards.

Lampard 5- It wasn't a good performance from super Frank, not good at all.

Zhirkov 5- Entirely ineffective, if the choice is between him and Malouda Id rather not choose.

Torres 6- Movement good, glimpses of his speed, got into great positions, unlucky to score but will still be made the scapegoat by the media because he is a high profile name.

Drogba 7- The best of all of our attacking players, looked the most likely to do something special, wrongly taken off.

Anelka 5- He just keeps dropping too deep.

Malouda 5.5- Decent but never got at Valencia enough.

Mikel 5- Wrong substitution, chasing a game in which we showed very little creativity, he is not the right man to bring on.

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Cech 8 - Goal wasn't his fault but looked safe and handled very well.

Ivan 7 - Very strong and came out of defence with the ball to try and make things happen

JT 7 - Dominant, strong and

Ash 6 - Normal performance from him really, did nothing wrong.

Bosingwa 5 - Great speed, looked dangerous but awful final ball and can't defend. Skinned by a 38 year old

Essien 3 - Slow, awful passing, confused.com

Lampard 4 - RIP. Shit passing, crap shooting, looks old and cant wait to get rid of the ball

Ramires 7 - Lively, tried hard and showed quick feet but no help

Zhirkov 2 - Didn't see him

Torres 6 - Looked most likely to score and looked dangerous with the ball at his feet. Great skill too and beat a few players. It's coming

Drogba 5 - Just ran into people, created nothing, bad body language, no efforts on goal, moaned, same ol' DD. Couple of good bits of skill but then fucked it up.

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I rate everyone as 'fucking disgrace' except for Drogba, Cech, Terry, Ivanovic and Ramires.

I thought Cashley did well. Torres is trying but needs the service. Drogs needs to pick his bottom lip up sometimes or he'll trip over it.

Bosingwa as an attacking threat 7.5 / 10 as a defender 1.5 / 10.

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Petr Cech - 7

Jose Bosingwa - 3 We need to sell him, i actually noticed how limited this guy is.

Branislav Ivanovic - 7 He tried really had to get us back in the game.

John Terry - 7 Played ok

Ashley Cole - ok

Michael Essien - 6.5 He tried, its not happening for him.

Ramires - 3- Not a right winger.

Frank Lampard - 2 Complete and utter wank in midfield, im not bothered how many goals he scores.

Yuri Zhirkov - 2 this guy was thrown in when he has hardly kicked a ball in like 2 months ?

Fernando Torres - 3 He looks like a donkey on the ball but tried to get involved.

Didier Drogba - 7 Best player, he was creating chances but the team was wank around him.

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Petr Cech 7 - Good performance from the big guy

Jose Bosingwa 4 - Out of position for the goal and whilst good getting forward poor in defence

Branislav Ivanovic 6- solid performance

John Terry 8 - lead by example unfourtunately though not many followed

Ashley Cole 6 - some good defensive work but attacking play was limited

Ramires 7 - was a threat when on the ball and unlucky not to get the penalty late on, our best midfielder by a clear distance

Micheal Essien 5 - didnt have a good game had little impact and could have been sent off

Frank Lampard 5 - like mike didnt have a good game infact had quite a bad game in all honesty, when frank has a bad game the team has a bad game as he is our main creative outlet

Yuri Zhirkov 6 - didnt have a good nor poor game was just seemingly there, had a few good runs but besides that a game to forget

Fernando Torres 7 - made good runs and was working hard to chase balls down, him and drogs do not work together up top, vastly better partnership when anelka came on

Didier Drogba 6 - tale of two halfs, first was good worked hard got stuck in, second the petulance started when decisions started going against us, rightly subbed as in that mood he either raises his game and has a stormer or like last night goes off the boil and stops working for the team unfortunately it was the latter last night


Florent Malouda 6 - provided fresh attacking impetuous

Nicolas Anelka 6 - lovely link up play, and id start with him and torres at OT

John Obi Mikel 6 - see zhirkov

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Cech - 7 - As usual, I would say.

Bosingwa - 3 - Since his come back he didn't convince me once. But now he has clearly convinced me that we should sell him in the summer. He can't defend nor cross a God damn ball (all his crosses either hit the first defender or go in the stand).

Ivanovic - 6,5 - Did the job.

John Terry - 7 - Like above.

Ashley Cole - 6 - ditto.

Essien - 3 - Abysmal.

Lampard - 3 - Abysmal.

Ramires - 5 - He wasn't implied in the game as usual, but still a good game from him. From the "flop" he turned into our best midfielder.

Zhirkov - 5 - Not a great game at all. But I believe he hasn't been handled correctly, he should have had 20 minutes of playing time (at least) against Stoke, because we threw him in a big big game, while he hasn't played a game for a while.

Drogba - 7,5 - I'm really pleased by his commitment. He can be execrable when he's doing his antics, but he was the our best player last night, and he was the one with the more motivition... During some 20 minutes, it was "Dider Drogba Vs Manutd".

Torres - 5 - Well, he has done good moves here and there, but that's all.

Malouda - the wrong substitution.

Anelka - ?

Mikel - 5 - He didn't have that much of time to show things. Though it was enough to show why he should have started the game.

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