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Chelsea 1-0 Wigan

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Lets hammer them!!!

Gana be a tough game! They need the points but sod it hopfully we'll play like we want it more!

Least by the looks of things we dont have to worry about finishing 4th and not making CL with Spurs winning it..so crap as it'll be..least we make it.Still get ourselves in reach of City and overtake!

Weird to think the last time we played them at home we finished Champions :( time gone bloody quick! This whole seasons gone quick

Torres..score for christ sake!

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Chelsea vs Wigan Athletic

FA Premier League - Saturday 9 April, 3pm kick-off



6-0 backlash.

Just what i was thinking.

Carlo will rest players and Wigan owe us one, potential banana skin without doubt.

Back in a bad moment, great doh.gif

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Perfect game imo, Torres will probably score, then he can get his confidence just in time for the 2 games at old trafford. Doubt it'll be 8 this time tho because quite frankly we're a year older and a year shitter. 3-0

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Damn Im gonna miss this one.

Anyway I think this game is the perfect opportunity to reintroduce Yossi Benayoun back into the side so that he will have a bit of match sharpness going into the game at OT and that could give us a completely new option. If Alex is fit then it would definitely be worth starting him too.

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We will lose this one..

And Torres will be rested, to be fresh for the secod leg :lol:

Great game to prepare for Man United, hopefully we will gain some confidence by a good display and some goals.

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Saturday 3pm. :clap:

When was the last time we had one of those at home? Blackburn I think!

Looking really forward to this! My first saturday game at home since being here. Seem to be hard to come bye this year.

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With this game being less important, we should allow Torres a start. It's clear Drogba is a much better striker to play versus United, so Torres should be allowed 90 vs Wigan.. Drogba 90 vs United

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Wigan may want points, and we better make sure they don't get them in the match. A random out of form win would do this great just like the Bolton game. Hey i tell you what having 2 world class strikers may cause problems, but at least you can rest one and play one of them each game, infact it comes pretty handy when you got games like this. Torres should be taking at least 6 shots i would say, don't care about confidence just fucking kick that ball in, no lay offs they don't seem to work.

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We've scored 14 goals in the last 2 games against Wigan, so no way can we possibly lose this one!

Tottenham scored 12 against them last season. 9-1 and 3-0. This season was 1-0 to Wigan and 0-0.

The problem this season has been purely goals and considering last season, i think that's staggering. 103 goals last season and now we're only on 54 with 8 games left. We only failed to score in 1 game last season in the league, this season we've failed to score in 8 already. I don't get why this has happened tbh, especially after scoring 21 in our first 5.

It has literally gone tits up since Wilkins left.

We need to probably go back to 4-3-3, 4-5-1 and bring in a proper number 2. I wanted us to go to 4-4-2 but it clearly dosen't work so we need to go back to normal now, there's too much at stake now for us to be trying to accommodate players.

Surely we'll get some goals in this. Surely....

Think we should 'rest' (drop) Lampard, play 4-3-3 and add something different. Cech, Ivanovic, Luiz, Terry, Cole, Ramires, Mikel, Benayoun, Kalou, Malouda, Torres

Kalou and Malouda can be chanced in a game like this and they were both good in the away game. Torres needs a goal, Banayoun adds creativity. I'd LOVE to see that team.

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