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Cole "supposed" Love Cheat.

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i was just bout to post exactly what Elliott just posted, with exactly the same words. The story is funny, that girl aint even all that tbh. He mustve been very drunk to cheat on cherryl with her. What a muppet lol.

"He knew exactly what he was doing and was pretty good, despite not being very big". Poor git, having that written in the paper, DAMN!

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Made me LMFAO, still, at least the stories are about a woman this time.

Its such a well written piece though - Chelsea fan Aimee......."I knew who he was..." no shit?

And she's proud of the fact he had to be that drunk to have sex with her in the first place and still puked halfway through. Classy bird eh?

And they reckon this'll infuriate Grant - now THAT I'd love to see. :lol:

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I love it lol every paper has some random big story on the front page and the Sun has that.

And wtf she was going on how 'she didnt want to ruin their marruiage but they deserved to know' she makes it like she's in the right as well.

Apprantly he's been kicked out

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From digi spy:

Cheryl Cole has vowed to stand by her husband Ashley following allegations that he cheated on her.

The singer denied reports that she has kicked out Ashley because she needs time to consider the future of their marriage.

Cole also admitted that she refuses to believe Aimee Walton's claims that she had sex with Ashley.

"I've been through an emotional roller coaster but I'm determined to be strong," Cheryl told the News of the World. "Ashley's a wonderful husband and we are in love. I won't let this woman destroy our marriage."

Walton has claimed that the Chelsea star invited her back to a friend's home in North London after meeting her at the CC club in Piccadilly. The 22-year-old said that she then had sex with Ashley, who "threw up everywhere" and was "swaying" and "slurring his words".

However, Cheryl has insisted that Ashley told her about his drunken night with Aimee weeks ago, and she refuses to accept her version of events.

"I know Ashley intimately. When he's under the influence he isn't capable," she explained. "When I heard what this girl had said I realised she'd made part of the story up. And, to be honest, that has helped me get through this.

"Obviously I felt sick to the stomach. What woman and wife wouldn't? And to be honest I felt humiliated and crushed that this girl was saying these things and people were believing it.

"Things were made worse when my family and friends started calling and offering support. I had to tell them that Ashley had told me about a drunken night and I'd kept it a secret for nearly two months."

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She's a mug.

"I know Ashley intimately. When he's under the influence he isn't capable," she explained.

Not sure which bit makes him look worse, the fact his wife's telling the world he can't get it up after a few drinks or that she didn't deny the claims he's got a little dick. Either way he aint exactly come out of this one covered in glory.

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