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Why do i support Chelsea?

Because i do, i'm a full believer in you dont pick your club they pick you, i can't actually remember how my love for Chelsea started all i can remember is it started when i was roughly 3 years old and never stopped since, i reckon if you just look at a league table of a listings of football clubs and pick one you wont have the same passion as you do if the club picks you. My opinion anyway.

Why do i hate Man.U, Arsenal and Liverpool?

Mainly because their fans are arrogant little shits, the Utd fans that actully know football are pretty good but apart from that dont get me started, i hate the way they think they have a right to win because they have the "best history" (in Liverpool's case), play the "best football" (Arsenal, add to that the fact that the way their fans bleat on and show arrogance youd think they win the quad evrey year, atleast Utd fans can justify their arrogance in a sense) and just simply are the "best around" (Man.Utd, you get lots of those idiots in school).

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my love for chelsea started in the 2003 ucl semi final victory over arsenal at highbury

my brother is a diehard arsenal fan and me being 7 years old really went for the team arsenal was playing

then i knew i wanted a permanent club so i decided either chelsea or liverpool depending on the outcome

of the semi final (which chelsea won) dont ask me why liverpool was in the equation.. and we won 2-1 ♥

i hate man united simply because they are man united

i actually dont mind arsenal i only hate them because of my brother and arsene wenger

i really hate liverpool for the simple fact that there fans have nothing else to moan about other than there history seriously its getting old!


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Reasons i like (more like Love)

Grandad was a Chlsea fan , Dad was too so there was only one team for me i remember going to my first game in 1999 never looked back since , really wish i could get down the bridge more. ive never looked or thought of another club. This clubs given me great joy and also great heartbreak. I will be making sure if i ever have childeren that they will be Chelsea Fans , its in the blood :)

The Reasons i Hate

I hate Man united , because they are arrogrant and think they are the best team even when there not on top.

I hate Arse due to them being whiney it will be our year then blaming eveyone but themselves etc etc

I hate Liverpool because as Tomo posted , they belive they are owed somthing and should be at the top , they have fluked there way to champions league sucess in recent years and this makes my blood boil as there team who won in 2005 should have lost.

I Also hate spuds and even more now because of that saddled faced muppet, they are like the liverpool who won the Champions league in 2005 , shit team who fluke it...

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Ever since i started watching Club football since the millennium (after i got a cable TV at home), i liked Arsenal because of the name and the way they played. Slowly i realized there was too much arrogance in them and the same time i was watching other teams specially the Blues, thought they always played like real good and being a team player that i m, i thought they really play like a team and gel very well on the field. Their effect only grew more and more and haven't seen back after that. And it was a good choice :)


United is a decent side but i hate the fans one as there are too many glory hunters and again very arrogant players.

Same with Arsenal.

I dont have any hates for Liverpool, for me they are just another side who can hurts u when/where it matters the most.

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I love Chelsea because when I was about 13 started to watch English football, seen all teams play and Chelsea stood out. I loved the way players simply played, always a high energy from players like Zola, Robben, Lampard, Terry etc. I kept watching them more and more, every game I just loved watching them. Every player also seemed more charismatic like JT, which stood out from first time I saw him play. You could just tell by his actions and face on how much he loves Chelsea.

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Well when i look at the chelsea badge it brings such a happy ness and the rest u guys probably know

can still call myself a proud blue and well the past i can gladly call the past and im happy to put a R.I.P on it "rest in pieces"

Reasons why of hate

Arsenal wise i just ignore but damn they are moany as heck. for sure they have one or two players i would love here like nasri but heck they really could do with some honour and class which they do lack

Man united simple............Lucky,Bitchy,Kiss ass,Advertisements Stapled everywhere made a big deal out of Arrogant as heck fans (from most of the ones i came across)

Liverpool simple......................Hey its march i think 2011 not march 29th 1991.

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Why I love Chelsea?

It is a hard question. When I take a look at our badge I feel the emotion and love. When I take a look at the Bridge I feel the same thing. When our players get out there I have a wonderful feel of joy and pride. I love the football we play and the players we have. There's always a lot of teamwork involved, and this season we've shown we have a strong team spirit. I like our chants and I like our songs and I'm very happy that I am able to feel this kind of emotion for a foreign club that I have never watched play actually. But, it's just that great feeling that I am a part of this great club.

If Chelsea wins I'm all cheered up and happy, if we lose I get disappointed. It also helps to have a fellow Serb Ivanovic play for us.

Overall, I think we are a very unique club with perhaps not that much rich history, but a growing club that is currently writing history for the future. We perhaps don't have the biggest stadium, but stadium doesn't make a football club, and Arse, Manur, Shitty and Spurds would also lose if our stadium was half the size of SB. We are winning titles, writing history, having fun and looking cool while doing it.

Why I hate Manur, Arse and Scumpool?

Well, it's not that I really don't hate them, but I do dislike them.

Arse are just a bunch of weaklings unsuccessfully trying to imitate Spanish style of football. Wenger's excessive policy of young players is really boring and it leads to this...

What does a player say first when he comes to a club? I'm glad I came here and I hope I can win some trophies and help the club. Do you think Arse player care that much for the football they play when it doesn't give them the results? I don't think so.

I don't hate Scumpool that much, but they really bore me with their famous history and unattractive football they play. The last thing giving me sympathy for Liverpool has left them so I really don't care about them anymore.

As for Manur, I have a great respect towards them, because they always seem to get out there and give out all they've got and I respect that, but I also hate that stupid luck they seem to have, and I firmly believe that you shouldn't win unless you play better then the opposition team. Can't forget that CL final too...

I guess that would be all I had to say, I'm of waiting for our Stoke game :)


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Why do i love Chelsea? Well, they're my team, they're a part of me, they're in my blood. I never chose Chelsea, i was born Chelsea.

Why do i hate Arsenal? Many friends at school were Arsenal, we didn't beat them in the league for 10 years and i got so much abuse it was horrible tbh. Also i hate their arrogance. I have personally loved the last 6 years, it's kinda like payback.

Why do i hate Man Utd? Their glory hunting fans in English places nowhere even near Manchester (London, Cornwall etc)

Why do i hate Liverpool? We've won 18 league titles and 5 European Cups blahdy shit who the fuck cares, go away.

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I follow the Chelsea because many years ago my Grandad used to cycle to Stamford Bridge on a regular basis in his youth, and my uncle has supported them all his life. You could say on the strength of that, my grandad is a Chelsea fan. He is! But football isn't really his first sport. It's normally cricket!

Chelsea is the love of my life. Much as I slag them off sometimes in matches, or whether I disagree with supporters over signing certain players. I will always follow Chelsea, win or lose, and that's the way it should be...


I hate United because...

1) They are the luckiest bunch of cunts I know!

2) They always score deep into stoppage time

3) They don't know how to fucking lose

4) Their supporters are as thick as shit!

I hate Arsenal because...

1) Like Man United, they are a bunch of lucky bastards

2) Their supports always BRAG!

I hate Liverpool because...

1) ... of that goal by Luis Garcia

2) and just generally the fact that they always used to knock us out of Europe!

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