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Blues to face Man United in Champions League

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Decent display tonight, not spectacular but did the job and got us through to the quarters, usually i do player ratings after the match but today i thought ill do something different in assessing the other teams that got through and whether we will want them in the quarters and how we will get on.


Might aswell start at the very top, it would be tough but if any-one can beat them we can, weve got the equipped players and Torres would not want to lose to all his Spanish team mates and the players of 2 years ago will be DESPARATE to un-do the injustice of 2009, i personally would relish a Barca match up.

Schalke 04

On paper drawing Shalke up there 1st would be the best tie to get but they have some preety decent players in Raul and co, but saying that i certaintly wont be disapointed if we draw them.

Tottenham Hotspurs

This would be an absolutely mouthwatering tie but one i would rather avoid, Spurs would be so up for this one and will more than fancy our chances of knocking us out, especially if the 2nd leg's at the Lane.

Schaktar Donesk

This is one i would rather avoid, they have an awesome home record and we would find it very hostile out there, plus there team remind me a bit of Everton and we all know what our record is like against them dont we? These lot are very dangerous dark horses in this competition.

Manchester United

This would be very intresting and id much rather draw these than Hotspurs, Carlo knocked United out with AC Millan twice and got a very nice habit of beating Fergie when it counts, not to mention our record against United down the years aint half bad, i would'nt chose these but IMHO this wont be the worse draw.

Inter Millan

We wil get a much better shot at them then we did last year with Jose in charge and im kind of split on whether id be happy to get these, they can still beat any-one but they shown at the Lane that they aint the force they were under Jose.

Real Madrid

If any one else was in charge id say these were there from the taking, but the Jose factor means id hope to stay as far away from these as possible, he knows a lot of our players inside out and has a way of getting in their heads (as proved last year).

So that my assessment, who would you rather we have and who do you think were end up getting?

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prefer Inter ...avoid Barca ...save them for Wembley

Id prefer to just get em early, playing Barca on the wembley pitch will be VERY VERY tough, if we get them over 2 legs (preferrably in Spain 1st) we can park the bus at the Camp Nou then get them down Stamford Bridge.

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There's no team which I'd like to avoid, if we want to win the Champions League we should not be scared of anyone. The only team which I'm a little scared of is Barca, we can beat any other team.

But as I've mentioned elsewhere, who I would like to play against in the quarters are: Inter, Spurs, Shakhtar or Schalke.

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Give us Barcelona or Tottenham and the second leg at the Bridge.

There are only two clubs I would love to avoid - Real and Shachtar. Otherwise I do not care so much as long as the second leg will be played at the Bridge, that is going to play a massive role. Going to be interesting to watch Friday's draw, as we will know even potential semi-finals.

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Gotta be a realist, we want Schalke because they really aint a very good team this season. Just get into the Semi's then the chances are greater. Get Barca or Real in the later stages. Hopefully We get an easy run and sneak into the final like Bayern did to some extent last year. If we get to the Semi's, we're on and i mean seriously.

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let's just imagine this :


Chelsea vs Shalka >>>> Chelsea

Tottenham vs Shakhtar >>>>Tottenham

Man utd vs inter >>>>>Man utd

Barca vs Real >>>> Barca


Man utd vs Barca >>>> Man utd (can't see this one happening , not even in my dreams )

Chelsea vs Totenham >> Chelsea

FINAL: Chelsea vs Manutd (or) Barca >>>> Chelsea (since it's gonna be in our favorite stadium)blue%20scalf.gifblue%20scalf.gif

ah oh wait ....!!! WHO ARE WE KIDDING !! WE ARE FACING REAL OR BARCA . :cry:

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Guest justin_3d

Inter or Schalke please.

And as the starter wrote, United might not be bad as well, cause Carlo has a good record against SAF.

But Real, Barcelona, Spurs, and Shaktar I rather avoid till latter stage. :)

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Think we'd do Shaktar -could be tricky over there, but would seal it at SW6.

Yids -they would give it 110% but we would overcome.

The two Spanish teams would be the worst draw -and I think Barca will win it, Mourinho would tactically win by the odd goal.

We would beat Yernited, Schalke, Inter and the Arse over two legs imo.

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Bring on anybody. Preferably managerless Schalke.

I think the fear of losing to Spurs or Man U is scaring me a bit though.

Or will Barca knock us out again or Jose again?

If we can beat the hoodoo known as Man city this weekend then I think slowly we're gaining confidence and momentum and by the time we get to the CL semi's should be looking good.

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