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Terry reappointed as England captain

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There are some rumours that Fabio Capello is seriously thinking of giving the armband back to John Terry, the REAL captain. Not only for one game, but permanently.

Thoughts? Fully deserved definitely, he is a natural leader. However, Capello will not make friends by this decision lol.

Fully story

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Terry, regardless of whether he is wearing the armband or otherwise, is always going to be the true England captain; his leadership skills are plainly immense.

However, Capello simply will not re-appoint him as captain and I fully expect Our Frank to wear the armband.

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Oh for bloody certain he should be.True england leader not a complaining prick or a douche captain.what england really could do with at the moment and as mentioned by drogba11cfc the win percentage with him along as well

And yeah the media will storm over this.more meat for little man united kiss ass writers to write.pheh terry will prove them wrong

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Never gana happen! Agree with whats been said,media go mental! And everyone else for that matter.

And also agree with shouldnt been stripped off it in the first place!! Okay what he did wasnt nice,didnt put him a best light and be a good role model.But it had sod all to do with his performance on the pitch! And really it backfired.He got stripped and we've been shit since then.Okay Rio werent Captain for the World Cup so not his fault but Gerrard as a leader was a bad choice.He just stood around looking like a muppet.

Capello must realise he made a mistake,but if Rio aint back,Gerrard is injured then kinda harsh on Frankie to have the opt to lead the country taken away in the game coming up

And considering the way he's been treated by Capello with the arm band in the friendly and all should tell him to shove it...he wont..probably wont get the chance but still.

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He should have quit and told Crapello to shove the armband up his arse.

Why was he dropped again?

Because he visited the ex girlfriend of a team mate.

Not the reported shagged a wife of a team mate, maybe Crapello shouldn't have been so hasty.

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I hope this happens, it'd be a straight up F*CK YOU to all the media that were calling for his head.

It must be a necessity for a journalist to be an absolute shitebag. I'm just waiting on a story claiming Ashley Cole was responsible for the tsunami in Japan :rolleyes:

They couldn't wait to get their pot shots in at JT and I can almost guarentee he'll be written about as being the Lion to get the roar back into England. Personally i couldn't give a toss about England, as long as he does the business for us thats all I care about.

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