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Can we do it?

Can Chelsea still win the Premier League?  

76 members have voted

  1. 1. Yes or no?

    • Yes!
    • No!
  2. 2. Where will Chelsea finish this season?

    • 1st
    • 2nd
    • 3rd
    • 4th
    • 5th

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Quick straw poll. Be an optimist or a realist if you want... do you think we'll win the league?

Personally I don't think we can; I maintain that the damage is already done. That being said, we do have a minuscule chance and with us still needing to go to Old Trafford I won't rule it out completely. However my head says no, and that's what I voted.

Also, decide where you think the Blues will finish - I've gone for second place :)

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Nope ... not that i m not an optimistic ... but even if we win all our games we still have to depend on other to fail which is not how i like. We can surely play the role of spoilers :rolleyes: though ... After last nite win 3rd position looks set now should look for 2nd.

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Firstly we need to get maximum points.

What we need is Arsenal to drop points with the Yids and liverpool -and possibly away to Stoke or Fulham

We need to beat Yernited at the Theatre of Shit, and them to lose to at west Ham, and possibly one of Newcastle, Blackburn or Everton. Lets not foprget their last game is at home to Blackpool who have a better away record than United.

Big ask :mouthclosed: ...

..but getting interesting

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Too Far im afraid.

If we can secure 3rd position i will be a happy man. this season has been up and down and to win the title now just isnt possible, Fergie is not a stupid man he has been here before and im sure he will make sure his team win the title. we need to make top for a priority then hopefully next season the old Chelsea will be back :)

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ManU drop 8 points by drawing the Everton, Newcastle, Arsenal and Chelsea games. Arsenal drop 8 points by losing against Liverpool, Tottenham and drawing with ManU. We drop 2 points at ManU. We all end up with the same number of points at the end of the season and it is decided by goal difference. :D

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To be honest, all our remaining games are winable so i'm finding quite hard to say we definitely wont win the league. If we win our game in hand and beat Man Utd and utd lose to arsenal, we could be level with them. Arsenal always manage an annual fuck up and seem to have started it already lol.

Can we? Yes

Will we? Probably not

Excited? Yeah man :)

I said no and 3rd anyway lol.

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Having seen our remaining fixtures, and Man United and Arsenal's, I believe we can do it. If we want to win the title, we have to win at Old Trafford anyway. And three points gap is nothing if you really see United's fixtures.

Anyway, at least we are not discussing the possibility of being fifth etc any more. The main goal is hopefully done already.

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