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Why we should invest in new talent

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Morning blues

Our squad in general needs a bit of a makeover in the summer and im all for bringing some quality young players (18-22) to compliment the crop we already have. This to add to the potential departures of key men.

This will probably be the last chance we have before the fair play rules come in and Luiz and Torres signings shows that if the right players are available the money is still there.

Players we should be looking out for

Neymar - This kid is the real deal, i was speaking to one of my old Brazillian team mates (that i use to play football with) the other day and the figure discussed at £30m and he reckons we would be ripping Santos off he is that good and when i saw Santos play myself he was certainly the one of the best ive seen at that age, also add the fact he should click well with Luiz and Ramires.

Phil Jones - Homegrown and can play in defense and midfield, that type of versatitlty is key in evrey squad and before his injury before christmas we were apparently front runners to sign him.

Romelu Lukaku - the next Drogba, enough said.

Jack Rodwell - Surprising choice but if Mikel goes (im hoping not but there has been talk of that) then we should go for him, strong, can play a bit, home grown and a potential leader.

Alex Sanchez - Right wing is our weak spot in our squad and he would certainly change that.

Youth players we should be looking at promoting in the next few years

Dan Sturridge - Dont know if he can be classed as a youngster any more well not ours anyway, but Carlo surely cant ignore prolific premierleague goalscoring.

Josh McEachran - Natural talent, so composed goes without saying he should be playing a bigger part next season.

Gael Kakuta - Some of the stuff he can prodice with a ball is absolute magic, got the talent in abundance and the next couple of years will be key for him.

Bruma and Van Aanholt - Both a bit ruff around the edges and need more time to develop, im 50/50 on Van Aanholt is he imo can go either way but got no doubt that Bruma by the time hes 23/24 will be a class player.

Nathaniel Chalaboah - playing in the reserves and captianing an over his age England group at 15 says it all, might be a few years until we see him proper break through but what a player he could be.

Billy and Conor Clifford - Billy Clifford is talented and versatile and Conor is a natural leader and will always give 100% evrey time he steps out, which is what evrey squad needs.

Matej Delac - Am i the only one who thinks we dont need a new keeper? it will halt this guy back and i think he is more than capable of pushing Cech if not next year defo the year after.

Aziz Deen-Conteh - As good as Van Aanholt going forward but so assured in his defending he would be wasted at left midfield, might take a good couple of years before he is ready for 1st team action tho.

Feel free to name a few others.

With the right guidance we could make quality players out of a lot of these and as we found out to our cost earlier this season its a squad game these days and quality signings plus good youth development will make for a bright future, not to mention the likes or Luiz, Ramires and co that are already in the 1st team.

Imagine 5 years down the line if we get it right in the summer, other clubs will be involved in bidding wars for players with prices influxated to £50-60m and we will be sitting preety with the crop we have, would be good wont it?

What do you think?

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I think we only need Sanchez. And only Sturridge and McEachran are ready for first team. Kakuta doesn't even get that much playing time in Fulham, let's not talk about Chelsea. Keep others on loan and let them develope. If we rush theres only a lose-lose situation.

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Considering what Coyle has done for Sturridge and Wilshere, I think the club should seriously think about sending either Kakuta or McEachran there next season. The man is a brilliant coach.

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I think we only need Sanchez. And only Sturridge and McEachran are ready for first team. Kakuta doesn't even get that much playing time in Fulham, let's not talk about Chelsea. Keep others on loan and let them develope. If we rush theres only a lose-lose situation.

Well Kakuta did well when he played for Fulham. They praise him a lot. It's not his fault that they have a lot of options, but he should play as he brings something different to them. Sparky said that he impressed him in training so here is hope that he will give him chances. And Gael only needs to be confident. Btw he wasn't able to play against us and in the Fa cup.

McEachran isn't yet ready.

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Far too early to think about promotion for the likes of Chalobah, Aziz & Delac. They still need to build up their rapport and gain more experience. We should really recall Delac, and find another, more suitable club. He has not featured even once for Vitesse! I'd suggest we also bring back Rajkovic from there and see what he's made of.

Phil Jones is one of those that most likely won't happen now. It's a shame he got injured when he did, he would've had a promising season indeed and maybe we'd have gone for him in the summer. Of course that would mean we may not have gone for Luiz so pick your poison :lol:

One thing's for sure, we need to get a lot more English talent into our squad! Especially with the likes of Lampard, Ashley Cole & Terry coming towards the end.

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