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Fans To Liverpool (everton)

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Was anybody there as i was and the support was shit , we had 6,000 tickets & its a cup semi-final & there was a cheap cfc train for £10 so why was the lower stand empty !!!! is that why tv never showed the crowd !!!

when you work it out i think tops we had 3500 even everton were chanting , " why is it so empty " is was a show up by all cfc fans.

Are we turning into a glory hunter club , in the old days 6000 would not have been enough , but to give everton back unsold tickets , a show up

I am still upset by the turn up by cfc , so better leave it there

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Guest TheStylishKidInTheRiot

I was one of the 2000 odd there the other night and what an atmosphere we outsung them the whole game with Neville the inbred taking most of the abuse.. Also chanting Chelsea Chelsea Chelsea!!! For most of the second half. I'd rather take 2,000 of the hardcore who went Wednesday than an extra 3,000 fans trying to kill the atmosphere TRYING to make people sit down etc.

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Look mate, some people have the finances to go up to Everton. Some people can't because they have work or school the following day and its a fucking drive and half from Liverpool to Fulham.


Look mate i was getting at you personally , but more at missing supporters every game !!, for a start i am just like you money is tight , yes its a long fucking way , but in the 70s & 80s , is we at cfc got a semi , 6000 would not be enough & a train was £30 in the 80s , so in this day of dear this dear that at cfc , the moaners are having a chance to see cfc , but do they come ????? .

In some ways i am getting at the plastic fan who go my pub , they seem a loyal fan with talk , " yea i would go but cfc is so dear i cant " so when i say are you comming to everton or wigan for a tenner , " ummmm no cos i gotta go out with my mates "

So im geting at the glory hunter , as he is now saying "i will be there at wembly "

So i am saying sorry to you as for real reasons you cant be there , :tiphat:

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