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Why Chelsea can still win the league!

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Yes you read that right I still dont think we are out of it yet maybe not unitil March 7th anyway. In case you dont know Man united's next four games are all tough/tricky games, they are:

Saturday, 12 February 2011

Man Utd v Man City

Saturday, 26 February 2011

Wigan v Man Utd

Tuesday, 1 March 2011

Chelsea v Man Utd

Sunday, 6 March 2011

Liverpool v Man Utd

whereas during this period of time Chelsea face Fulham (a), Man. u (h) and Blackpool (a) three games in which Chelsea can and must get 9 points from.

All those games are tough games for united and I think they will drop points in three or four of those games. below i have put some senario's that have a relativley good chance to actually happen (if chelsea win there next three games)

Senario 1 - A quite realistic and almost perfect senario for us would be for united to lose against Citeh, Chelsea and Liverpool and draw with Wigan (which is very possible based on the way they have played away from home this season) this would put us 1 point behind them with a game in hand, and still having to face them at old trafford.

Senario 2 - if they beat Wigan and lose the other three it puts them 4 points ahead of us with chelsea having a game in hand to put it down to 1 point, and still having to face them at old trafford.

Senario 3 - if they win two and lose against us and one other then it would put them 7 points ahead of us with chelsea having a game in hand to put it down to 4 points, and still having to face them at old trafford.

Senario 4 - if they beat us or win at least three of those games then I think its over.

I haven't even bothered maiking a senario where they lose all four because that would just be 'dreamland' for us.

Also of course Citeh and Arsenal are still above us but I am not worried about Citeh as we have a game in hand over them and still have to face them at the bridge, so I think we will finish above them, and Arsenal always seem to bottle it and drop silly points, but for me Arsenal will be the hardest to catch as they have a easier next few games but Arsenal being Arsenal can always drop points when no on expects it (ask newcastle), and finally of course for us to have any chance we must go on a winning streak and win our next 5 or 6 games in a row because if we do that we will be very close to the top because I know the teams above us will drop points. Everyone just keep the faith, by around 10pm on March 7th we will know then if we have a real chance to win the league, trust me. KTBFFH

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I've got a horrible stat for you.

Since beating the Arse on the 3rd of October,a whole 4 months ago.

We've only managed these wins:

Moscow (twice) , Blackburn (twice), Bolton (twice), Ipswich, Sunderland, Wolves, Fulham, Zilina.

I think Sunday was our last chance really,but you never know. If we do by some miracle win it this season can I say it was lucky and Carlo is a very lucky manager.

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LMAO :champions:....... a team that loses point difference of 7 points or more in 4 matches is lead by a retarded manager ....

and if you should know something about SAF , he might be an old cunt who is not the best tactically but he is without a doubt the best manager out there to get the best possible results , he is even better that mourinho when it comes to that part ..

i still can't believe he is by distance the top of the league with the likes of fletcher , carrick , evans , anderson , rafael , park ji sung!!!!!

people say they win because they are lucky , well off course they are but also they have the most experienced manager in the history of football .

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It's definetley out of our hands now.There is a chance that Man U could go on a bad run after losing to Wolves last week,and we have to play them twice.We also have Arsenal and City to overtake as well,not forgetting Liverpool and Tottenham breathing down our necks.

This season could see the league being won on the lowest points margin since it's inurgaration back in 1992.86 points will be enough to win the league this season as more twists and turns will unfold.

I too like the optimism of this thread and the positive posts.We'll see what happens.

Just a quickie,how many points did we win the league on last season?.I'm sure it was something like 87/88 pts.

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I dont want to be negative about this but the reality is we are not in a shot. With the way we played on Sunday we should ensure that we finish into top 3 because Liverpool, Spurs and Sunderland are all breathing down over neck. I hate to say but Arsenal and City have better chances to take the cup (i m assuming United would go into a blip and lose a couple more). Arsenal has got most of the easier fixtures while City would just take advantage of the fight that is happening if they can be consistent.

For us FA is all that is, though Champions league is tough not impossible.

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We all know the story - when Carlo was a manager in Italy, once he was top of the league and 9 points clear and failed to deliver to title :D Just strange, he was using this example so much when Chelsea were top but once we fell down... :lol:

It is now highly unlikely but never say never.

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