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Official - Carlo sacked

Should Ancelotti be replaced in the summer?  

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  1. 1. Should Ancelotti be sacked?

    • Yes, he should go
    • No, he should stay

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He is not good enough and should leave in the summer. If results are any worse over the next month then he should be fired.

It is embarrassing that this squad of players is struggling for a top 4 finish.

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:rolleyes: We've changed managers enough, we find a manager that wins us the double and you want to change him? The fickleness of some of our fans is embarrassing.

We were the best team in England last year by a considerable distance and scraped to the league by a single point.

It is not fickle he is just isn't good enough and should be replaced by a more competent manager.

We have lost 7 games this year and endured our worst run of form for 14 years. Are you not at all worried that lesser teams like Arsenal, City and Utd are constantly getting better results? That can only be down to mis-management.

His time should be up in the summer.

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Who will replace him, if Carlo go out?

Well Rafa's looking for a return...

And whose gana wana replace a manager who won the double,went through a dodgy stage and then got shown the door.Be worried for your job soon as a bad result came through

Funny nothing was said when we were winning...

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Could not disagree more.

He delivered the double in his 1st season not only that but producing some of the best free flowing football ive ever seen us play.

We have had a poor few months in general but we aint the 1st big team to lose at home to Liverpool (it would not suprise me in the slightest if they win at the Emirates with Dalglish incharge), but in the long term i think Carlo is more than the right man for the job.

The end of last season and start of this proved that when Ancelotti teams click there frightening.and can produce all sorts of numbers of goals.

Its not King Carlo thats the problem its the multi-million players that cant be fucked.

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No, he stays. Can't believe it. Last year we scored 103 goals in epl, won all of the big 4 games, won the Double and now after this loss, when club needs support the most, we bail out. I'd rather look at our attack options, perhaps it's time for a rebuilding? Who'd you replace him with - Rafa Benitez, Martin O'Neil, Sam, Rijkaard? Stop the nonsense. The quality of this league is amazing, this defeat serves us as a reality check, we need to learn and stop sobbing and going on about " a bad moment", no time for that, we need a good one.

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