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How will a CL Trophy effect this club?

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What kind of club would Chelsea transform into with a CL trophy? I think we could become an unresistable move to any transfer prospect (like a Barce or Real offer), our inland recognition would immensely increase, press would begin to favor us, revenue increases, clubs prestige and worth increase, etc..

I wonder what the discussions would be like on this board if we had already bagged a CL trophy. Would Aguero/Neymar/Lukaku (and the rest of the cock teasers) already be at the Bridge? Would Drogba have gotten that "Player of the Year" award last year? Would the tabloids stop butchering us and be supportive?

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yeah,lets not get above ourselves now.

Chelsea's success story has just exploded into words that you cannot describe and beyond your wildest dreams(football wise).

A far cry from 20/30 years ago when the buzzwords around Stamford Bridge would of been "relegation" "financial survival" and "aggro".Thankfully there was no internet forums back then or else those would of been the main topics of discussion.

I'm not really sure how a Champions League trophy would affect Chelsea.But i'm damn sure on how it would affect me.

I would die a very happy man!!. blue%20scalf.gif

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:lol: let's not get carried away here.. There's still a long way to go before we think about the Champions League properly. But certainly if we get Torres firing on all cylinders then perhaps we'll have a shot at progressing to the final this year, though I highly doubt it.
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We have got a good draw,no doubt after having a piss easy group.

We have signed a player that can score the goals to win us the champions league.

We have the creativity to win the champions league

We have the defence to win the champions league

We need the luck as well to win the champions league.

With the team we've got,if we can get the rub of the green regarding refereeing decisons,then we're halfway there.

I don't need to remind you guys about our semi final against Barca back in 2009 for you to understand my point.

I still want to kill that ref!! :shoot:

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:lol: he's long gone after his screw up between Bayern & Fiorentina last season!

Ok,Probably stacking shelves at Tesco or Aldi then.or maybe delivering Pizza's or flipping Burgers.Probably not good enough for those jobs either.

Fuck it.I still want to kill him!.

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