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"Roman Abramovich is losing interest in Chelsea"

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I was reading somewhere that a Chelsea fan had the gaul to confront Roman after our 3-0 defeat to Sunderland,when Roman opened his matchday programme to show the trophies his money has helped us win.

I think the Roman losing interest rumours done the rounds shortly after Russia were awarded the 2018 World Cup.

How would Roman be able to fund Chelsea and give Russia a world cup to remember?

Hopefully in 2/3 years time Chelsea will be self-sufficent as well as co-efficient.

Roman didn't have to spend £71m yesterday,but we bloody well thank him for doing so.As should that idiot who had the front to challenge his commitment to Chelsea back in November against Sunderland.

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Reds of all kinds hoping for a miracle.

Bitter English fans.

Disappointed transfer muppets.

The signs were there. He didn't recently find his wallet because he actually never lost it. The fact that we lost one primary target after another was down to our board's inability.

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If it wasn't for Roman we wouldn't be a club as big as we are now. I thank him for everything he had done so far, and I think that he has shown his commitment for the club after spending 70 million in a few hours. I think even Man City was feeling like a poor club once they saw a 50millions for Torres ^^

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They were discussing this on 5-live last night. I cant remember the journalist name, but he was saying that he took a chance with the young lads after ploughing so much money into the youth academy and was looking for some sort of impact/return after letting the likes of Ballack, Deco, Carvalho and Joe Cole leave. It hasn't went to plan and he's seen us fall out of contention slightly. Not getting CL football next season would cost us something in the region of £40m.

He had to splash the cash to basically secure that income. If that's a sign of a man who's losing interest then I'm a dirty scouser.

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Roman has no reason to lose intrest.

He has invested lots into the team, the academy and new training facilities, if he was going to lose intrest he would have done so long ago, novelty dont last for 7 and a half years.

He is worth about 7 billion so that must mean he gets something like 70 million a week on intrest rates alone, yes he will put work into Russia 2018 but mark my words he has got plenty of money to spread around all his buisness's.

He has made a couple of errors but their are loads of good things that overide any of that, i hope that "fan" (who was blaintently a gooner of spud pretending to be a Chelsea fan) that made that banner should hold his head in shame.

KTBFFH - ALL HAIL KING ROMAN blue%20scalf.gif

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